Remove the Scaling!

I personally feel the same way, but I’d like to understand how both systems work in some detail before attacking the problem.

Yup, that’s the stuff I found a few posts back. Thanks for the tip though.

The issue with flat scaling is that it does not take into account non-linear performance. Adding an extra Destroyer to an enemy fleet makes a much bigger difference if this gives whatever assault group they are using the ability to one-volley kill something which before would have eaten a whole bunch of overkill damage on the second shot or at least resulted in extra retargeting time during what would normally be a firing cycle.

There is also the fact that fleet combat strength scales with the square of fleet size (with equal levels of micromanagement) as opposed to linearly. This makes any mismatch or mistake much more significant - 5/4 is a much smaller edge than 25/16 while the game may treat them equally.

Unit capping can also mess things up. Some of the levels in HW2R are only winnable with the scaling because the AI is literally brain dead - how the hell are you supposed to kill 6+ BCs, some DDs, 50+ 48000 HP frigates and a ■■■■-ton of strikes when you are limited to ~4 BCs (counting Dreadnought as 2), 5 DDs, 21 frigates and your own fighters? You only do it because the AI does not concentrate their force, ignores you entirely half the time and decides to use BC trinity shots to kill repair collectors. You take their ships out one at a time and half the time they never shoot back.

We need actual AI - at least basic “shoot the target with the lowest total of (HP Remaining) * (DPS)”, not “lets throw 100 battlecruisers at the human fleet and have them drive backwards because they are aiming at a probe”.