Remove Time Killer and Hidden Charger ASAP!

So if you use Time Killer and shield recharge gear then you can use all your skills to get 200 shield points/sec with Shayne + Aurax and if you reload with Hidden charger and have shield recharge gear then your shield instantly recharges too.

Devs please either reduce the recharge times or disable these legendaries for now, this is a game breaking bug so please fix it ASAP!

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Does it reduce sheild recharge rate like time killer? If not, its annoying but not game breaking.

oopsy! I ment to put Time Killer for the other one thanks xD

Didn’t they just say there would be a hot fix in a few min for this in a different thread?

I don’t know; if so, i haven’t been in that thread.

EDIT: Just posted there, @Keadron; you are correct. @yannareport, i’d suggest asking for this thread to be closed, as Jythri just said a patch for it is incoming.

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no but if ur a ranged character then you can just go around a corner and reload to abuse it to virtually get 300 more hp almost instantly. Whether it’s considered game breaking or not is debatable, however I doubt the devs wanted it to be used this way so it should still have the recharge rate reduced on it.

I think it is annoying, but S&A can’t reload, so how does it effect them? Besides the gain 600 health immeadiatly thing.

oh yeah here Time killer + any -1 sec shield recharge delay

Just wanted to raise awareness for it because the devs haven’t noticed yet when I made this thread so I made a more direct thread. Hopefully after I take a break for an hour or so it’ll be fixed :slight_smile: