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I have beka gamma burst +115 rad, also have kyb’s X3 fire. corrosive ASE +125 splash

I am looking for cuttsman ASE+125 or +250 phasecast


I have all the cutsmans with +125 ASE, would love the Krb’s, anything with SNTL or Splash damage

OOOOO, I love Cutsman SMGs. I I have the one Kybs mentioned above and also a x2 corrosive/cryo and ASE +125 splash. I will send both to you, what is your GT. I would love all the Cutsman flavors but if I have to pick two then corrosive and fire. Oh, just remembered, I do have a corrosive Cutsman with “when STNL is active gain 100% damage as cryo”. If you don’t have that one then maybe we can do three for three???