Removeing UVHM?

I’m serious about this… I am looking for a way to remove UVHM out of borderlands 2 and TPS… Like rolling it back so that the game just caps out at the end of TVHM.

I had fun in the first play through of both these games, i had fun in the second playthrough… it was harder but still fun.

Third playthrough… no…

Just no…





So aside from rebuying the games (not the all DLCs pack, and buying individually buying every single DLC again… except UVHM… is there a way i can get ride of it off PC. I don’t care about losing my characters… i just want to roll the game back to where i can actually succeed without ending up 5 levels higher then the bosses and having it become easy mode.

I want these games to cap at level 50 and having UVHM not appear as an option. I know i can just not go into UVHM… this isn’t what i want.

Uninstalling ultimate upgrade pack 1 and 2 should do the trick.

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To add onto this, you can go into the detail view in Steam and uncheck the checkboxes next to UVHM 1 and 2 and that should uninstall them. AFAIK this won’t make UVHM go away entirely, the menu option will still exist as I believe that was added on in a patch to the main game, but your characters and gear will cap at 50 and you can keep playing TVHM for as long as you wish without leveling up.


Yeah that’s a really easy solution that did EXACTLY what i was hoping it would do.

An interesting note…

it DOES NOT make any character over 51 (or 61) unplayable. This was a kick in my pants that i totally did not expect… like at all.

It’s not going to disable your characters gained levels. If you don’t have sub 50 level characters you unfortunately need to do new ones as far as I know.

I’m cool with this either way.

The real shame is that you can’t do this on the pre sequel unless your OK losing the claptrap DLC and the holodome dLC :frowning:

But having just tried it on BL2 i am suprised to say that it your over 50 characters are still playable and their gear is still usable.

Same thing on TPS actually. If you remove a cap you can keep playing a level 70 char with level 70 gear but the enemies and quests are capped at 50 or 60.

As for TPS UVHM. It has a lot softer scaling. It’s not quite as much a fist up in the *** as BL2 UVHM can be.

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Nope… you can remove the levels but the level packs are bundled WITH THE DLCSss

so if you were to do it you would NEED to remove claptastic voyage and the holodome. At least on PC steam, not sure about PS/Xbox

Well thank you for saving a much beloved game i love from being a keyboard destroying $((%best and making it a beloved game again

I know. I was just commenting on the part that you are still able to use those charas and their weapons even if the game is capped lower.

Hmm… what level of drops will the bosses drop?

This will work for PC, but not xbone or ps4, as the handsome collection is a single collective, not a bunch of parts that can be uninstalled at the owner’s leisure. The only thing they would be able to get rid of is the claptastic voyage, because that was added as an update after the collection was released. But this would erase all updates, making both games worse in my opinion

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On the PC steam version, it does cause content loss.

For borderlands 2, digistruct peak is made unplayable…

For the Pre Sequel you have to choose between having DLC content in or having level cap at 50, This is a HUGE loss in content, and yes this is a big sacrifice.

About making borderlands 2 worse… that depends on just how terrible you are at the game. I don’t think you realize just how terrible i really am.

These are posts about my experience in UVHM for TPS which… probobly went BETTER than it did in BL2.

(this is the BEST experience i had on TPS in UVHM)

I really doubt you understand just how miserable going to UVHM has made me and just how appreciative i am that this worked for BL2. I have been when attempting UVHM. Not everyone can enter into UVHM and have a good time. From my perspective removing the level cap increase is a huge improvement. Given just how many threads there are about UVHM being so stinking hard i’m probobly not the only one.

I know it “seems” like i am burying my head in the sands and pretending that UVHM doesn’t exist is losing some part of the game.

Have you gone through all the DLC content on TVHM?
After finishing 1 or 2 of the DLCs you actually level of a bit then it becomes easy mode, the mobs don’t hit as hard, action skills scale up causing more damage, melee becomes disproportionately stronger, and TVHM loses a lot of it’s fun.

Being 55 in TVHM is… a very boring experience.

Doing this is halfway boring stupid easy mode (being 53-55 in TVHM) and impossible to play mode. (UVHM)

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