Removing floating damage numbers?

Hi guys,
I play Ruin Maya and the amount of elemental damage ticks is overwhelming. Makes it really difficult to place critical shots. I’d really like to remove the damage numbers specifically.

I know it’s not supported in the base game, but I’ve found a few posts mentioning that someone (Weird Beard) managed to use Texmod to overwrite the textures corresponding to damage numbers. I located the old thread, but by now all the links are dead. Does anyone happen to still have copies of these files? Or could someone point me to a tutorial on how to make a version of this mod myself?

Ideally I could keep the critical hit notifications but remove all damage ticks.

Not really suppose to discuss game modding but I kinda remember there being an option to turn off the numbers in BL1, however I’m not sure if BL2 has that option.

You could check the game settings and see if there is one, or perhaps someone on here knows for sure if and where the option may be found.

Ok, thanks for letting me know about the modding thing. I’ll look elsewhere.