Rename a ship for a MP map?

Hi, is there an easy way to give a placed ship a name in a skirmish map? thanks!

Make an instance of it and change the very second line:



NewShipType.displayedName=“Ship’s new name”

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Hi. Thanks for your response! I saw that in the .SHIP file, and I tried adding that to the .level file of the map but it crashes. I figure I have to create a new ship with the name, right? Is there a way I can have that download with the map instead of making it as a mod? I kinda want to keep it simple, you know? The only thing I want to do is have a different name for the stupid little story behind the map, but otherwise the ship should be the same.

I don’t think you can do that in the level file alone, you would need some extra content, i.e. a mod…

kakadu :frowning: