Rendain a DLC character?

They made Handsome Jack a character in the PS so maybe they will make Rendain one in Battleborn? What do you guys think?

Would be pretty cool.

I don’t think it’s impossible for it to happen, but I personally would rather have a new character. He seems like a cool villain, but not that interesting as a playable Battleborn.

Considering the PvP is supposed to take part while Rendain is planning on destroying Solus, that would be hard to explain him teaming up with others (Or vice-versa).
Plus i’m pretty sure he’ll die at the end of the Campaign.

I just had the same idea and tried to make a thread, but your popped up, so I am just bumping it :smile:.

I can easily see addition to the campaign where we find out he actually didn’t die and he in fact joins the other battleborn against a new bigger threat.

The fun thing is he didn’t die, we just through him into a varelsi portal. This is partially addressed in Rath’s ‘Rending the head from the Snake’ Lore, as he doesn’t refer to him as dead, but ‘suffering in eternal banishment’, so it’s not unviable that he could see some serious s**t and come to join the battleborn instead. I like his design, and think a few (toned down) variants of his skills would be neat to play with. It would still work the timing of the PvP maps, as the Varelsi are STILL nomming the star, and there would still be tension over the remaining space and such.

And the game already doesn’t make sense for the story missions so, whatever.

The PvP is prequel to the Story, so Rendain could pretty well be fighting against and with the other BB before the Jennerit Empire allied with the Varelsi.

The Story mode itself is no stranger to paradoxes, like being able to play with Boldur in a mission with Boldur or with Kleese who is at the ship and in the mission at the same time. Having Rendain around wouldn’t be a problem.

Could be a Rendain clone just like the Handsome Jack clone from TPS that was playable