Rendain? Did I spell that right?

Not sure if this has already been talked about before but just curious! What do you guys think about Rendain being a possible DLC character? Fighting him it seems like he generally has 3 main attacks so that could be turned into 2 skills and an ultimate? Don’t think it’s really gonna happen but I think it would be pretty cool. What do you guys think?

I would love to run around as Rendain, (dunno if it is spelled right either). The attack that looks like a metal snake going through the air is just plain awesome, I would love to see this.

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I could see it, not sure as one of the five but maybe after the five slated DLC.

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Wait was it not confirmed? I’ve been expecting that since day one. Well. Since I first faced him. Is gonna be awesome. I just wonder how they’ll nerf his moves to make him playable. The three knockup swords are a bit strong. The metal spike things are awesome!