Rendain glitch found

So I couldn’t find to tell the devs a bug I think I found so I will put it here. When fighting Rendain I found out that he can’t climb the stairs in the blue area and his attacks don’t reach you if you stand on them while he is below you.

Its Lothar Rendains old enemy…Stairs.
Just like Po.


Or Claptrap.

Seriously tho, I’ve hit this bug, too. I thought it was funny

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I had another bug on the same mission, I knocked one of the bosses (A thrall lord whatever thing)
Off the map and it stayed at the bottom of the map…(Rendain fight) it was too low to target with any kind of bullets or anything (this sucked because it was our first sucessful completion in avanced)

LUCKILY I was using boldur and his axe fell just enough to kill it with the explosive proc on his ultimate… it took several minutes.

Some kind of mechanic that makes them respawn to middle with same hp if they fall below a certain elevation would be much better.


They should teleport back up when they fall off the map, so that was definitely a bug.

I drop the bosses off the platforms all the time because eff them… taste ur own medicine!!