Rendain & Rath Relations?

Curious is anyone knows if there’s any relation between Rath & Rendain? Also Deande can be thrown in as well, isn’t she a short sword Jenerrit too? Love playing as Rath, he’s an epic character! Can’t wait to unlock Deande.

Deande uses war fans as her primary weapon and handles a bit like Shyane and Aurox. She WAS Rendain’s “spymaster” until she betray him because he wanted to hand over the last remaining star in the universe to void walking monsters. Rath on the other hand was Empress Lenore’s (ruler of the Jennerit faction) bodyguard (elite guard) and “sword master” so to speak and once Rendain betrayed the Empress he left. That’s the basic gist of it.

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I saw this going a WHOLE other way lol


Guilty as well…My mind is in a constant state of gutter.

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If you complete a few of her lore challenges you’ll find that she never betrayed Rendain because she was never his spymistress. Rather she was a sort of failsafe, if you will, trained in secret in case of Rendain’s betrayal, which had been suspected by Empress Lenore and the Silent Sisters for some time. She was mentored by Ambra (Whose real name is awesome) and trained among the Silent Sisters. Also, Deande is not her real name though her true identity is not revealed.

Really kinda sad that they set up all this lore then forgot to explain ANY of it.

One of Galilea’s lore entries suggests that Rath may have forged her sword as well.

Also we still have no answers about two questions I REALLY wanted to know:

  • What the F*CK is the “Jennerit Sustainment”? The way they talk I’m sure it’s something REALLY terrible, and while it’s mentioned all out the wazoo EVERYWHERE, they never explain it. The Story Mode just ends with a really terribly and lazily drawn (no shading or perspective at all) anime-esk cutscene with a rap song playing over it that explains ABSOLUTELY NOTHING… T_T
  • Who is the “Jennerit Empress”, and is she really dead? Deande mentions her once in a conversation with Rendain during the prologue. Was she important? Is she this “Sustaining Mother”…?

My point is that we may never know anything, as nothing is explained. They could be brothers, father-son, cousins, arch rivals, etc. for all we know - nothing was really explained… >_<

Also who cut off Rendain’s arm? Rath? Who knows…


Best I can tell, they harvest suns and extract their energy in a way to become immortal. Yeah, that really doesn’t explain f*ck all. Apparently a side-effect of cancer is immortality.

I suspect she is not dead, Rendain says as much to Deande as well. We know she was thrown into “the void” and we also know that the Varelsi come from another dimension, my theory is that they were not destroying suns but transporting them back to their universe. For what purpose is never explained, Rendain may be dead but the Varelsi are out there, I hope the DLC missions will complete the story and I’m betting that the sixth Jennerit, the one on the far right of the concept art Gearbox showed at PAX, is Empress Lenore.

As for Rendain’s arm, Rath tried to kill him but there’s no confirmation what injuries he inflicted that I know if though I haven’t done any of Rath’s lore challenges.


Where did you glean that lore on Jennerit Sustainment from? I have found nothing on it in the game itself.

If it’s from a character’s lore than idk - I have most of Ambra’s unlocked, but that’s the only “sustained” character I’ve done any on, unless Galilea is “sustained”, but I’m unsure about that.

She “probably” is, but then again she also has several lore entries about her trying to “destroy the Jennerit Sustainment engine”. But then again-again, she also mentions Ambra being drawn to “sustain her”.

I honestly have no fcking clue about WTF is going on with Galilea lol, but that was my main point above anyways (about starting lore then not explaing sht), sooo… T_T

Gali was a Silent Sister (I think). Sustainment is a method of taking the energy from a sun and transferring it into a high level Jennerit. Ambra, Deande, Rath???, maybe Calderius (I remember hearing he was given it but isn’t high class) and obviously Rendain. Using sustainment leads to white skin and other vampire stuff (no blood drinking though).This was all said in an old forum post.

Caldarius does have sustainment, as I’m pretty certain Rath does as well.

Thanks just wasn’t that sure.


Well I finally got a lore that explained a tiny bit about WTF Galilea is.
She’s not even Jennerit - she’s some other race that often partners with them, due to the Jennerit’s fascination (and envy) of their naturally extremely long lives.

So she’s not “sustained” - just from an extremely long-lived race.

I still wanna know were you guys are getting the info about sun-eating and immortality from, as I still see nothing about that in-game… >_<

Addendum: We may be able to assume that Deande is a “sustained” as well, due to both her extremely high office, as well as some comments I’ve heard.

Galilea went through a “failed” sustainment after infiltrating the Silent Sisters and befriending Ambra. Basically, things went wrong and she gained some weird powers that she has trouble controlling when angered (leading to her accidentally killing an Eldrid leader or someone high up there and going into hiding). Also, Jennerit only have 4 fingers. That was the easiest way to tell for me.
I wasn’t really certain about the “sun-eating”, but there are a few places that state a few details about sustainment.
I found the wiki if you wanna take a look

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Got it from a forum post called The Jennerit Empire.

Thats the one thanks

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Okay, so as said, Galilea was an Eldrid sent to destroy the Heliophage by working her way through the ranks of the Silent Sisters. Ambra caught her, and mortally wounded her despite their friendship. However, in a desperate attempt to save Galilea, Ambra sustained her, but being mortally wounded gave it the side effect of giving her darkness or what have you. She then joined the UPR after Ghalt found her killing Jenerit so she could gain a sense of purpose again.
Caldarius was denied sustainment after climbing through the gladiatorial pits, although it was fairly his reward. This is why his legendary states that Rath made it for him to make up for not getting sustained. After being put into the military and being amazing for a century, Rendain was now ruler and sustained him. Then immediately jailed him for being dangerous and an inspiration to the people. Attikus is not sustained, they just tried using an experimental harness on a promising Thrall and it gave him incredible strength and intelligence. It’s a shame that there’s not accurate bios for all of the characters, especially considering their intertwining relationships. Would anyone know about why one of Alani’s lore is to kill Ambra? It makes sense for Galilea, but I am not dealing with my least favorite character’s worst challenge.
Edit: factual and grammar errors

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