Rendains speech has a new meaning, given the current state of Battleborn

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The saddest part is that this is a great video, and the Rendain design is very cool.

youtube —> jimquisition battleborn postmortem

Sorry for the edit, but my latin-brain called for duty^^ :heart:

With that in mind it’s somewhat fitting

I don’t remember ever seeing this trailer. Probably would have built my hype up even more for the release. Unless the trailer came out last year, but I don’t remember. Its very well put together though.

OMG he’s not cleaning his teeth in that video.

Yep. That’s Rendain’s face for ya!

begins butt wiggle…


Yet, in the game we actually win against Rendain. At the very end after all their effort it first appears as if they have failed, but it turns out that their efforts have indeed saved the last star Solus from being pulled into the void. Maybe the same thing will happen for the Battleborn game itself. Just when we think it’s dead and we’ve failed we discover that we managed to save it. The thing is, we have to fight together to save it. The publishers, the developers, the people playing the game themselves. We all have to work together. Fight together or die alone. It’s been in the game from the very beginning. Sadly I don’t see any of us fighting together really. It’s a community divided and has been from the start. So perhaps because of that we’re going to get the bad ending. One that wasn’t shown in the game.


naw, kal, we just successfully got people together for a tourney!

Battleborn IS dead, and there is nothing we, nor Gearbox, can do to stop it.

If it goes F2P, it starts competing for a space already taken up by Paladins.

If it continues as is, nothing short of a presidential recommendation is going to save it. Keep in mind, many high profile critics gave Battleborn 7-8/10s

Games don’t just miraculously go from 86 players to 10k.

Chanting “Battleborn is dead” like a mantra isn’t helping. It’s probably one of the reasons the game is doing so poorly. Chant something often enough and it sinks into people’s subconscious and it becomes a reality. It’s why advertising works so well. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.


Just perfect. It is very frustrating to get to the official channels of the game and read constantly from people who theoretically are playing the game that the game is dead. Of course I ignore this and follow playing because I don’t need anybody to tell me what I like or what amuses me. And I know enjoy the treasures that life gives me, even if no one else enjoy.

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I was actually really in to the game when it came out. I played up until Alani’s release and kinda just, quit. The game just wasn’t interesting enough to warrant playing past 100 hours.

Trust me, I’d like nothing more than to see this game come back in a big way. But quite literally every single factor is working against Battleborn, in every way possible. It’s competing against the juggernaut of Overwatch right now, and if it goes F2P, it’ll be competing against Paladins. It’s more depressing than anything.

At this point, thinking that the game can come back from the dead is extremely wishful thinking, and more-or-less living in denial.

I’m not being delusional here. Yes, the game does have a chance, albeit a very slim one. The game is in a coma on the brink of death but depending on the measures taken can be revived. I still have some small hope that the game can be saved. But with each passing day that sliver of hope I have is fading. It feels to me like everyone already believes the game to be dead and have given up on it. Just because everyone believes something is dead doesn’t make it so. I’ll just leave this here.


Evolve is a perfect example of Battleborns situation. Thing is, Gearbox/2K can learn from it.

Evolve was a unique, new concept. It appealed to many gamers, but quickly grew stale for many due to balance issues, lack of content, matchmaking etc. (From the way I see it anyway)

Battleborn is a unique, new concept. It appeals to many gamers because it fuses first person shooting mechanics with MOBA mechanics. It really is a great concept, and executed very well, but a lack of impactful marketing and hype caused it to not…do as well as it should have. Factor in Overwatch and Paladins. We all know this by now though. Gearbox are adding more PVE content, they hopefully plan to add more PVP content also. More FREE characters, and as many of them as they can. They are still working on this game and they care for the community. The micro transactions are not as heavy as Evolves were. Battleborn has a higher chance of success than Evolve did IMO. Yes, turtle rock loved their game, just as much as Gearbox do for Battleborn. For what Evolve was though, it could only go so far with what they had.

Lots of suggestions have been made to revitalise the player base, so I won’t state them. But just know, there is a chance for Battleborn to come back. Gearbox just has to find a way to make it happen. Have faith…

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Corrected that for you 2K was also the publisher for evolve, More importantly every other game devolpment can learn a very important lesson from both games.

Hint: Don’t trust 2K.


If only this game put some effort into advertising :wink:

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Well, 2K CAN learn from it, whether or not they will choose to is another question.
@Kaleidodemon :clap:
I have been wondering how to band together though. I’m on the discord but spend most of my time here. Also what system are you on?
A game with tournaments with prizes, constant updates, regular updates and DLC, and several different active forums doesn’t sound like a dead game. It sounds like a game that needs help, but is hanging on


I’m on both PC and PS4. I usually play on PC but have been trying to spend more time playing on PS4.