Rendroc's Mods for Brothers in Arms: RtH30 and EiB

Rendroc’s Mods for Brothers in Arms were designed to increase the realism and immersion of this classic World War II experience. Easy to install and fully customizable, true fans of both Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood will appreciate even more engaging action, authenticity, and attention to detail.

Downloading and installing is fast and simple. Check out the website for complete documentation.

Mod Features:

  • All New Tactical Squad Commands: Order your squad to waypoints, assault tanks, acquire panzerfausts, and man MGs.
  • Improved Artificial Intelligence: The improved enemy AI will flank and assault; use, return, and dive on grenades; and have better accuracy with panzerfausts.
  • Hordes of New Allied and Enemy Soldiers: Command over 21 soldiers in your squad, and face three times the enemy.
  • Multiplayer Bots Play against the computer in any multiplayer map.
  • More Immersive Battle Chatter: Both US and Germans shout more combat dialogue never heard before in the original game.
  • Smoke Grenades: Use smoke grenades to lay down cover, while the Germans will do the same to maneuver against you.
  • More Realistic Physics: Dead bodies crumple to the ground, grenades and rockets travel more realistically.
  • Enhanced Special Effects: More dust, dirt, leaves, grass, smoke, rock, and blood flying at you and covering the battlefield.
  • Full Customization of Weapons: Edit damage amounts, firing rates, kickback, and more; plus you can select the loadouts for your squad.
  • For Singleplayer and Multiplayer: All these and even more, including Realistic Sights, Bazooka Jo, Realistic Tracer Fire, and Soundtrack mods.

This Mod Needs You!

Feel free to post your suggestions and thoughts here for discussion. I’m always open to new ideas.

There are a lot of fans of this game still and we can all contribute to this project. Thanks to everyone who has already helped so much by testing and giving feedback for this mod.

Together, let’s keep making Brothers in Arms the ultimate WWII experience!


Yes!! Thanks to rendroc warzone, I still game on brothers in arms 10 years later. Because no other game can compete with the squad mechanics and gritty realism of this mod. Sure graphics get better over time with other games. But the gameplay can’t be matched. Looking forward to future updates!

This post should be a sticky

I’ve already suggested something in another thread, but I’ll repost it here…this is a more appropriate place.
Is it possible to add some motion sway to the weapons? Just like the one for the “Real Sights” mutator, but without the weapon aimed down the sights?
Maybe also a “sprint” feature won’t be bad at all…

Thanks guys. Of course, these are possible, but I may not get to them for a while. jmoney just emailed me about a few bugs and I’ve been getting some problems and suggestions from others as well.

  • Add scope FOV to CustomWeapons
  • Fix some weird “peek” bug that messes up the controls
  • Fix retreat AI code
  • Fix RealSights sway
  • Add hip fire accuracy to CustomWeapons
  • Fix players’s portrait not showing up with RealSights in SAV
  • Warning shot camera jump
  • Secondary weapons not working with CustomLoadouts
  • Look into separating .50 cal and .30 cal sounds
  • Package up new jmoney sounds
  • Raise kid(s)
  • Earn regular paycheck
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Ha wow Rendroc and on top of that you have your work and personal jobs! Well, what would we do with out you? if we don’t get an update until 2020… I won’t complain, what you have already done will last me a lifetime. :wink:

You have added much joy to 1000s of people’s lives with these mods.Thanks for what you do.

About the sounds…I am creating my own sound mod.
If you are too busy, @jmoney1 can send me the sounds an i can package them for him

You want me to send you the wav files that I recorded?

If rendroc is too busy, I’ll package them for you and I’ll send you the final game-ready filed

What I’ve been doing is creating the self-installer using the NSIS software. It’s easier for people to just run an .exe instead of extracting and moving files around.

I can send you guys the setup if you’re interested. It’s based on some stuff botman posted on the old forums a decade ago.

It also has a script so people can disable/enable the mod without overwriting their original files, which I think makes a lot of people happy, especially the less adventurous types like Major Johnson.

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Sounds good! I’m glad we can still search the old forums. There are some nuggets or modding wisdom there!

So, I have a suggestion. I would love to see a CustomLoadouts for MP, and maybe even have control over the weapons for the extra soldiers from WarZone and such (or maybe just add specific teams like bazooka and sniper teams).

So, CustomLoadouts options for player weapons works sort of. Basically, the weapons selected for the player are also given to the other “players.” Here is a demonstration of that:

I love the mods by all you guys, so keep it up!

OK, beta version 4.37 is on my website.

New CustomWeapons.ini you’ll have to look through, here are the new settings:


I recommend a Damage_Variance of 0.8 to really see the results. The Scope and HipFire stuff was something that @QueenDracWraith asked for. Let me know if I accidentally broke something.

You can just copy/paste the above lines into your own CustomWeapons.ini if you want to try to modify your old files instead of starting from scratch. Remember to delete any trailing spaces and the end of those lines, though.

Other changes:

  • Disabled retreat code temporarily, to fix WarZone soldiers getting stuck
  • Fixed warning shot behavior
  • Fixed Baker’s model in Situational Awareness view

Oh cool. I see the warning shot thing on the quick test I just did. I switched the zoom of the Springfield and FG42 to make the game more realistic. I’ll play around with hip fire accuracy later.

Thanks for your great work~

Oh wow great!!! So the warning shot behavior for eib was fixed??

Im still a little confused on how the damage variance works… So if I put a damage variance of .8 what does that do exactly?

OMG this new warning shot behavior is SO FANTASTIC!!! Geez Rendroc you are a flipping genius and thanks for fixing baker in situation awareness view! Everything seems to be working well.

I tried to keep the interface as simple as possible, so I boiled it down to one value for Damage_Variance. It’s a percentage that defines the range for the randomness using the base damage amount for that weapon.

Damage = BaseDamage +/-Variance%
So if the base is 100, and the variance is 0.8:
Damage = 100 +/-80% = 20 to 180
Base 80, variance 0.5:
Damage = 80 +/-50% = 40 to 120
Base 1000, variance 0.9:
Damage = 1000 +/-90% = 100 to 1900

If this doesn’t work for you guys, maybe I can make a min and max for each weapon instead. It bothers me to have so many settings in CustomWeapons but it might be less confusing.

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If you do a min max setting I would hope that the stock game’s numbers would be reflected in the .ini so we can adjust it to our liking from that.

I personally am fine with everything as is with this latest release. It amazes me that after ten years there has yet to be a game that has rag doll gravity death as realistic as yours, warning shot behavior as realistic as yours, or iron sight weapon sway as realistic as yours.

Even games like insurgency and arma that pride themselves on realism have yet to create the features that you have perfected. You are a GEM among game devs.

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So, how does this setup compare to Red Orchestra 2? I got it, but my computer is too lame to play it.

So, as for the new things:

  • I set my damages to the medians of my proposed damages (except for my 1 hit kill weapons) and set damage variance to .8. Wow, that is fun. In my first test match, I got killed in 3 hits despite the first shot taking over half my HP and also got killed by 1 shot several times. That is soooooo great, thank you for that @Rendroc.
  • Is it just me or is the scope zoom broken? I’m not getting any changes and I did check to make sure I changed my numbers.
  • No warning shot thing in MP. That makes me sad, but MP code ugh.
  • In MP, the scoped FG42 first person view has absolutely no hands. So, it’s a floating gun.

Well, that’s about it. I have a map idea, but I’ll make a topic for it. Oh, did I mention that variable damage is wonderful?

Red orchestra 2 is gritty realistic fun with pretty visuals. But do you know what has more of a genuine ww2 feel, with realistic combat pacing, squad mechanics, a beautiful watercolor painted texture look, and unlimited replay ability? BROTHERS IN ARMS RTH30 and EIB ( with realism and warzone mods). :wink: