Rendroc's Mods for Brothers in Arms: RtH30 and EiB

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My maximum resolution is 1440x900 (yes, I have a crappy Asus monitor…but I’ll soon change it ;)…
Can you post some screens with a previous version of Rendroc’s mutators?


@MarcomiX, in my case You are right. When i played the game in 1280 x 800 (my max possible resolution to set) the weapon’s size on the screen was smaller, than when i played in 1024 x 768 resolution.

I tested this in the default RtH30 (without latest Rendroc’s Command Mod installed), with the latest Rendroc’s Command Mod installed + RealSight enabled, with the latest Rendroc’s Command Mod installed without RealSight enabled and all those times the results were the same - it is the matter of the resolution.

However, maybe Jmoney1 is right. He should upload some images to show his problem.


Ok here is the previous warzone or unmodded version of panzerfaust:

here is the panzerfaust with unsighted sway:

here is the previous warzone version colt:

here is the unsighted sway version of colt:

Now again, I think unsighted sway is a great idea, but not at the expense of weapon view. Im sure it wouldnt be much just to restore the position of it.

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The difference on the colt M1911A1 is quite inconsistent…on the panzerfaust, well…it’s another story
But both me and @pjakub88 do not have this problem…maybe it’s just a too high resolution? Have you tried the 1280x720 or lower?


Again before the unsighted sway mod, there was no issue. No one should have to change resolutions before of it. And id be curious if @pjakub88 could report what he sees with the panzerfaust. Because quite a significant amount of that weapon is off screen.


I tested the Panzerfaust (and other weapons like Colt and Bazooka) in RtH30 a while ago with or without RealSight mutator (in the latest Rendroc’s Command Mod version).

The Panzerfaust model is “cut off” partially (like on Your posted screens) when i played the game in 1280 x 800 resolution, but was “bigger” when i played at 1024 x 768 resolution. So, in my case it is related only to resolution issue.

EDIT: I noticed the same results when i tested Earned in Blood. So, in my case: RtH30 and EiB weapon’s size on screen is related ONLY to resolution. When i set the maximum available resolution in those games (1280 x 800), the weapon’s size on screen was smaller, than when i set 1024 x 768. I did not tested RtH30 and EiB in resolutions smaller than 1024 x 768. However i will not choose to play the game in 1024 x 768 resolution only due to the possibility to see more of the carried weapon and more body parts of Baker or Red :wink: . I would like to maintain the 1280 x 800 resolution - i wonder if it is possible to increase the weapon’s size on screen, without decreasing the resolution?


Maybe you guys are right. Sorry to come off as nitpicking. I certainly don’t need rendroc to do anything he has already done enough. Was just wondering if anyone else noticed this. But if not I guess it’s resolution on my end. Oh well, thanks. And thank God for rendroc without him we would have never been able to have the ww2 game we always dreamed about!

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@Rendroc, could you please add ammo capacity settings for all the weapons? Some weapons need an adjustment in how many magazines they have (M1 Carbine and pistols mainly, but it would be really nice for all the weapons).


@QueenDracWraith, i fully support Your request. It would be really cool if we could have this option customizable. Maybe Rendroc could implement this in his WarZone mod.

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Don’t forget semi/full auto modes for some weapons and fast/slow modes for the BAR. Some weapons like the FG42 sniper could probably really take advantage of semi-auto fire.

Oh, another idea: the AI having varying aggression for different weapons. Perhaps the AI sould also make use of secondary weapons and pick up weapons from the battlefield.

So, here is how it could work (really basic idea):
German has just a K98 Sniper, stays back and in cover. Squad leader has MP40 and dies. Picks up MP40, goes back to sniping. The enemy gets closer and so this German switches to the MP40 and assaults the enemy. After taking out squad, goes back to sniping.


Just a suggestion… never thought yet that this was already suggested so im adding this up, how about Cover system? you know, pressing a button will allow you to dig-in pretty much like Hell’s Highway but i guess this request will take long (and obviously impossible as for EiB and RTH30) so don’t rush it quick, take your time.


Front page of today, fellas. :fireworks:


Wow that’s cool! Rendroc’s mod really is gaining popularity now.



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Congrats. Very well earned. Give me your address I’ll send you a bottle of champagne. And by that I mean the champagne of beers, a miller high life.

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I personally think the sight for the tommy isn’t that bad, as the barrel is MUCH shorter. Then again I’ve done no research and never used one. It very well could be smaller and I have thought that. That being said it is still one of my fav weapons to use up with the FG42 due to their high rates of fire, decent accuracy, and overall awesomeness. That being said I usually play skirmish and am assault. I really like most of the sights even though most of them can be blurry in vanilla form. That could be my sheer aversion from modern shooters where everyone has a 30 or + clip with at least a red dot sight. Thus no originality and very stale and predictable encounters. Modern shooters are very realistic and even, but what’s the fun in everyone having the same setup? To be honest I play COD: WAW and use a m1a1 carbine and walther p.38. I feel like being able to draw upon those two platforms is awesome. Though it isn’t awesome to be able to choose any weapon in cod basically destroying identifying team weapons stinks. In cod 2 and 1 you can hear weapons and know what you’re up against. I have played newer cods, given they aren’t BIA, but still same genre(close enough). No one ever uses their pistol or secondary. These potential match ups with older tools are far more interesting to me. Anywho, I do appreciate people making it more realistic. I have recently played BIA on nvidia DSR to 4k resolution(downsampeled, right?), minus mods and wow. The game still holds up. Still very grateful for the amazing game.


It’s June 6th, everyone.

I’ve been working on custom settings for my mods in a new file, Rendroc.ini. Here’s what I’ve got so far, let me know what you think:

;; special camera events
;; assault team will reload before charging
;; for using commandmod without the new commands

;; weapon moves independently from the player's view with RealSights

;; RealSights settings

;; enemies will sometimes retreat to hard-to-reach areas
;; requires the player to hunt them out to advance the checkpoint


This isn’t released yet, just asking for comments.


Wow that’s great rendroc that’s just what we need! So the subunits under warzone is like my combat mutator right? Which keeps us extra troops but disables extra German troops? If so fantastic!


Yeah, I’m trying to give players more control without having to recompile and change stuff in the editor. WarZone subunits and RealSights tweaks are the most common requests.


Well sir that looks perfect! I’f I may add… Could there possible be the battlezone subunit setting added to ini as well? Other than that, what you have there looks perfect! Thanks!