Rendroc's Mods for Brothers in Arms: RtH30 and EiB


Hey Sir Rendroc, What does those NumSubUnits mean? The number of Units that will be added when the mod is Turned on? if so, that’s so sick!


Yes that’s it. I tried 4 just for fun and it’s pretty ridiculous. But you can use 0 for either side and it will turn it off for them.


Makes me wanna get an Early Access for it, lol.

I wonder how will 5 or So German/American squad will work in Cole’s Charge, it’ll be a mess but i guess that’ll work.

(queendracwraith) #208

I like those settings you’re working with @Rendroc. Also, could there be a setting for us to adjust the aggressiveness of the AI for both SP and MP? I’d like to experiment and see how a more defensive AI would affect MP.


Good suggestions; I’ll look into these as well.

(Marcomi X) #211

What about the “hold left mouse button to aim down the sights” feature?


In that case Mr.Marcomix, “Hold Zoom toggle button to ADtS” so it can be friendly to other button users. :slight_smile:


(queendracwraith) #213

I like the toggle method of using iron sights personally. Also, when will there be a total ammo capacity for all weapons?


How is the rendroc ini coming along mate?


Got busy with some other stuff, I’ll probably pick it up again next week. :wink:


Great cannot wait for this! WW2 POWER!!

Thanks brother Rendroc


I agree to that,

Im gonna get back on playing BiA again as soon as Rendroc releases his .ini file :smiley:

(armitom) #218

This Mod is simply EPIC, Amazing work! :smiley:


Agreed no BIA sequel will ever match the awesomeness this mod provides!! I just hope that we get that Rednroc. ini mod before Jesus comes back! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(mgs48888) #220

When is that by the way?


Not sure when, Rendroc’s kinda busy in the last few weeks.

But hopefully, I think he’s working on it.


(mgs48888) #222

Actually I was referring to JCs return. I’ve got a lot of atoning to do. :smiley: I just wanted to make sure I could try it out before I’m darned to heck.

(Marcomi X) #223

I know this will not be a priority, but we should find a way to smooth the unsight sway
The changes I put with the console comand are not permanent…
Any solutions?

(Marcomi X) #224

My sway settings are:

swaylagamp = 1.0
swaylagpitch = 0.000010
swaylagrecover = 0.008000
swaylagturn = 0.000199

The weapon sway will feel way more natural and smooth.

Maybe I’ll be able to make them permanent after the release of Rendroc.ini…If it will ever be released.

(Marcomi X) #225

Hello there.
As many of you already know, I bought an M1 Garand Replica.
Handling the rifle, I noticed a major flaw of Brothers in arms:
The m1 Garand ironsight.
Now, I managed to find the modified Rendroc tweaked back sight and edited it to make it more realistic.
Here’s the screenshot (of course, I’m using the RealSight mutator)

But sometimes, the back sight pictures goes way too up, showing part of the model. Don’t remember if it happens with the standard Rendoc sight, though…
Anyone noticed it?