Rendroc's Mods for Brothers in Arms: RtH30 and EiB

(queendracwraith) #226

I’ve seen that with the Thompson before iirc. Not too much can be done about that I guess

(Marcomi X) #227

Yeah, you’re right. I tried the standard rendroc sight…It happens too. Maybe it’s because I play on 1024x768…
However, I’ll release the tweak at once, so that you can try it out.

(Marcomi X) #228

here it is.
I think that a possible solution might be a less vertical sway during the ADS view when Baker turns or walks…

(Marcomi X) #229

I’m afraid that the only solution, for now, is to play the game in a 16:9 resolution…even if a part of your screen will be cutted off…


Are you having issue with 4:3 Res as well? I kinda fixed mine by playing in Windowed mode.

Or the other fix by using the EiB ironsights.

(Marcomi X) #231

EiB Ironsights? That sounds new and interesting…I’ll have a look!
You mean that the model of the gun will not be seen during the ads situation and moving around?


I’m sure you noticed this but when you use Rendroc’s ADS, the model in Eib is different.

But in Rth30 it’s a bit more zoomed… Which, is the root of the problem.

(Marcomi X) #233

I should import only the back ironsight or both the front and back sights?
Ok, I must import the fromt sight model, too…how can i do this?


The problem is, I don’t know a way to port them. Even if it was successful it’ll end just not showing the model in-game.

Damn, Gearbox always make things harder.

(Marcomi X) #235

You’re right, bro…
But, hey…this may be stupid…
during the ADS animation, there’s a small split second when the sights of the “standard” weapon model are alligned…then, the game switches to the ADS view…
Any chance to stop the animation? I mean, to use the standard model during the ADS view?

P.S.: searching around the animation folder, I found a package called “nine days earlier”…damn gearbox, why you did’t put the level in game T.T


No way to fix it as far as i know, the only way… is to bear the cost of losing some screen size so that it won’t show up again.

Nine Days Earlier? Yeah, i wish that chapter will be implemented in the game, even if it’s too late… It’s the only way to know the characters before the combat as well as talking to Rivas and Muzza


(Marcomi X) #237

oh, and Eisenhower Himself! XD His description is even in the game manual XD


Ohoho, i forgot to mention him… but i did heard that there was many problems that caused them to remove that chapter.

By the way, here’s my game… running in Windowed mode and custom resolution.

(Marcomi X) #239

As far as I know, that was not about problem…
They said that the players might have been bored from that level…
The level was pretty much finished, but they choosed to eliminate only for a “boring” factor…
That’s not fair…

(Marcomi X) #240

ok, when you move around the camera using the realsight mutator, the lower part of the model doesn’t appear?


There’s the screenshot of my game, it’s on 1272x900 since im using a 1280x1024 monitor (4:3)

it’s kinda fixed there, but the problem barely appears in Thompson aim down sight sway.

Look at the lower most left, only times i can see it is when im taking some heavy force around me (Suppression kind of thing) or when i fire it automatically.

(Marcomi X) #242

how did you set up a custom resolution? from the config file of the game?


I made the game run on Windowed mode, from there you can set the screen size to the degree that you may see fit, or you feel comfortable with.

Now, you are messing around trying to run the game in Window mode. Don’t you? :stuck_out_tongue: anyway, here.

Find View in the Editor of the game, then Advanced options
Then Display, and set STARTUPFULLSCREEN to False.

Peace out.

(Marcomi X) #244

OR you can just ALT+ENTER the game and resize the screen as much as you wish! :wink:
Do you work with the Gearbox guys? don’t always look for the harder path XD
Thanks for the help! My heart is crying for now I have to play it in windowed mode…but, hey… now the M1 sights are ok!


Sometimes, you have to sacrifice something to do anything :slight_smile:

Oh! and thanks for that shortcut, never heard of it.