Rendroc's Mods for Brothers in Arms: RtH30 and EiB

(Marcomi X) #246

The EiB situation is a little bit better. However, the use of my real garand sights is not fully compatible (the picture is still cut on the lower part of the screen when you’re moving around)
I’ll delete it from the moddb site…
Such a pity!

@Warrior250, to quote my favourite writer, “If I have to choose between an evil or another, I’d rather not choose at all”
I’m a perfectionist…my pride and weakness.
For now, I’ll play the game as it’s intended to be played (By rendroc, of course XD)…it’s a pity…a real pity.
Hope that Gearbox will release an HD remaster of BiA Rth30 and EiB…We need it, I guess…

P.S.: Rendroc commented the file on moddb… Good news: He’s still alive! XD

(Marcomi X) #247

However, I hope Rendroc will put a string that allows you to edit the sway of the sway during the ADS view…or a way to keep steady the back iron sight while the front sight is moving…
…or to separate the sighted sway and the unsighted sway in two different mutator.

(Marcomi X) #248

I made a “patch” that fix the widescreen viewmodels and the ironsight sway bug.
I noticed that the garand of this patch was not accurate at all…so, I remanaged the irosight to make it more accurate.
Here’s the link


I just compiled v4.38 for EiB but I haven’t tested it yet. I hope it works.

There’s a new file, Rendroc.ini. Lots of settings in there, I don’t even remember what they all do. Let me know what settings you think are missing. If it looks good to you guys I’ll upload the RtH30 version.


Heck yeah!

(Marcomi X) #251

Ok, I tried just a couple of settings for the sway…It’s working great!
PLEASE, update the Rth30 Version! ^^

(armitom) #252

I’m so happy! I will try it today, thanks again! :smiley:

(queendracwraith) #253

Soooo, a lot of new settings… dang. I don’t even know what some of them are supposed to do.

Is the MP Demonic Chief settings for the Kill Priority sort of an “aggressiveness” setting? Seems like an interesting setting to play around with.

Also, when can we expect the total ammo capacity setting for each weapon (and maybe magazine capacity for all weapons)? I’m tired of the M1 Carbine having too little ammo, the pistols having WAY too much, and the STG44 magazine count getting messed up due to the change in magazine capacity.

(Marcomi X) #254

OK, that would be some nice addons…
But first things first…


Hey Mr.Rendroc, I hope you don’t mind if i post some update in the ModDB Page :smiley: We need people to catch up.



I usually post it to you guys first, let you try it out, then upload it to ModDB when I get the thumbs-up. It’s ok this time though :wink:

Working on RtH30… My dev scripts are as old as the mod and I’m still converting them to work with our new Win7 setup.

(Marcomi X) #257

Look forward to the release of the RTH30 version!


Great work!

(Marcomi X) #259

Hey Rendroc, I’m working on a 3D sights mod (just for fun) by using the same meshes both for the normal viewmodel of the weapon and the crosshair view. But when I activate the realsight mutator, the textures of the M1 Garand are messed up…Any script that I can modify?

Without realsight mutator

With realsight mutator:

Every other weapons works just fine


Probably has to do with Field of viewing itself, I know you did it already. But you should mess around the value and see if one fixes it. I doubt that the textures conflict with it.

*If you don’t mind, you can send me that file, i would like to test that. Gotta see if i can help :smiley: *


(Marcomi X) #261

You like this project, huh? XD Well, gimme a couple of minutes: I still have to vork to the M1A1 carbine sights.

P.S.: remember that rendroc used different textures for the back sight of the garand…

(Marcomi X) #262

Here you are, @Warrior250

Note that the sights has been tweaked for the use with Jmoney weapons and Realsights mutators!
(every sight, except the M1 Garand one, of course.)

I’ll work to the german weapons once we find a way to fix the M1 garand textures


I can’t seem to download it, for some reason. Can you find another site that you can upload it?
Not really urgent though.


(Marcomi X) #264

click on “slow download” below the page :wink: It will reload the page itself, re-click it and the download will start


My browser says it’s a malicious file, not that i don’t trust your file. I just can’t risk it.