Rendroc's Mods for Brothers in Arms: RtH30 and EiB

(Marcomi X) #266

O-ok…well, any file hosting file that doesn’t require any subscription?


Try RapidShare? A friend of mine uses it before he moved to ModDB.

(Marcomi X) #268

It’s dead…XD


That explains why he moved. Lol.

(Marcomi X) #270

well, I’ll upload it to moddb…


Y…eah, sorry for bothering. but as soon as you uploaded it, you can delete it quickly. But not too fast that i haven’t got it yet :stuck_out_tongue:

(Marcomi X) #272

Here you are!
(Do not mind the preview image…is the first that i found on my desktop)
Let me know when you downloaded the file!


Got it now, you are clear to delete it, Mr.Marc.


I think the texture gets switched in the weapon class, which for realsights is something like mjcWeapM1_.

(Marcomi X) #275

So I just need to delete that class, isn’t it?

Well, someone can tell me how to find it? XD


Oh, I thought you just wanted to know where to look so you could do it yourself. I’m not at my computer but when I get back to it I can look for more specific instructions.

By the way, I did originally try the exact same thing with the 3d mesh for aiming, but I thought the sights were too low resolution to aim through. What do you think?

(Marcomi X) #277

Well, I was seaching into the “Actor Classes” section, loading all the packages…no luck.
Low res? I don’t think so…the main flaw would be that the “blurred” effect of the back sights won’t be there…
But, Hey…this is a mod! Something that you might like or dislike…but still something that can change the way you look to the game!


Yeah looking at your screenshot it doesn’t look so bad. The rear sight looks like an octagon, maybe that’s what bothered me at the time, but I’m having second thoughts now. It’s definitely worth looking into again.

Import the mjcWeapons package into the editor and search for mjcWeapM1_. I think there’s a property for overriding textures

(Marcomi X) #279

The “octagon” effect could be fixed easily by editing the alpha level of the textures.

Well…I cannot find it:

Nevermind, found it!
How can I edit the actor without messing it up?

(Marcomi X) #280

I guess that applying the 3d sights to the Springfield would be good…if the UV mapping of the model would have been better -.-

However, I still don’t know how to edit the script to fix the M1 Garand.


Nice work, loving the progress of this mini-modification so far. Hope you fix the M1 Garand problem in time


(Marcomi X) #282

Thanks, But I don’t think I will keep the 3d model scopes…well, just look at it! It’s a freakin’ mess! XD


It is, but i did like how the scope looks like.

(Marcomi X) #284

Ook then…I’ll find a way to enhance the scopes!
My priority is to find out how to fix the m1 garand texture,
Then, I’ll work to the German Weapons (The Kar98k with 3d sights should be very accurate)
In the end, I’ll fix the scopes.

Thanks for your feedback guys!

M1 garand fixed :wink:

(Marcomi X) #285

There’s a problem with the bolt action rifles (including the sniper rifles):

Before the first shot:

After the first shot: