Rendroc's Mods for Brothers in Arms: RtH30 and EiB

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I like the idea of the 3D sights. The blur thing, while realistic is weird. Also, I tried your hip view thing (EiB only). It did some funky things to some of the sights (BAR, FG42, 1911, STG44, etc.). Got to love how changing one thing will lead to other things being affected.

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What do you mean by “funky things”? Did I messed somenthing up?

(queendracwraith) #288

I might get some pics later, but here are some of the symptoms I’ve seen:

All scoped weapons: the actual crosshairs don’t fit within the scope itself. You can see it in the picture of the 1903A4 you posted with the 3D sights.

BAR: the rear sight pic got smaller and now I see where the model was cut off.

FG42: rear sight got way bigger, front sight small in comparison.

1911A1: When sighted, I can see where the arm model is cut off.

That’s some of it. I might just make a vid of everything I’m seeing. I’m sure it’s a combination of things. I’d say to make your set of mods work together (Real Sights, Hip Mod, 3D Sight Mod). Don’t worry about making every combination work unless others want it (and in that case, they should request the combinartion). So, I guess you could make this a mod package of sorts, adjusting unsighted and sighted view.I personally want those 3 to work together. Again, I’m not sure how it is in RtH30.

EDIT: I know what would be really cool if you want to max out the realism (don’t care about the blurred VS 3D sights thing, that’s more of a gameplay issue if you ask me). When using the irons, have the camera restricted since chances are you’re using only 1 eye to see. It’s similar to the iron sight zoom in Metal Gear Solid 3 when Naked Snake gets the eyepatch.


I would also like to add that the Thompson does not emit a muzzle flash when fired in Aim downed sights mode. Shells eject normally, but no flash is visible.


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Queen, what resolution are you using? I tested the mod using a 16:9 resolution and it works just fine (1600x900).
About the sizes of the ironsights, well, I tweaked them in order to avoid the "ADS sway problem, in which you can see the incomplete model when the weapon sways.

Warrior, are you sure it’s my mod’s fault? If it is, I’ll try to fix this.

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So wait, your HIP VIEW mod itself has iron sight changes to it? I can see that, but I’m just the person who uses these mods and posts videos of me getting shot over and over. I’m still using your EiB Definitive textures from way back. As for my resolution: 800x600 (my computer ain’t the best).

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Oh, that explains why you have the “cutted model” view! XD
The game engine cuts the screen when the game is on a 16:9 resolution, so I edited the model’s position to make them as if the screen is not cutted off…
Of course, That means that, if you use a 4:3 resolution and my Hip mod or my “16:9 Patch”, the model are way too strange (because, as I told you before, they were intended for a 16:9 resolution!)
My advice: try switching to a 16:9 resolution…does your rig supports 720p?


Yes Marc, but it might be an issue for the custom resolution (probably 4:3 1272x900) i’m using.


(Marcomi X) #294

Ok, I’ll try to fix it when I manage to get some free time


I think you could create another thread for this? :smile:

How are you forcing the 3d view model for aiming? I’m wondering if you need to override the mjcWeapon class to get this to work, or if you could just create a new subclass that has the original textures.

If you check the defaultproperties for the mjcWeapM1_ class, there is a parameter called SightsFixViewSkins; if you just delete these entries in the class then it will use the original textures. You can of course test this out in the game using editactor in the console but I need a sense of how you are implementing your mod to help you further.

I’m sorry sometimes I just don’t have time to boot up my computer; it would be so much easier if I had the code with me all the time. Maybe I’ll try putting it on my phone sometime :wink:

(Marcomi X) #296

Rendroc, actually, I solved the problem by changing the sight gin texture with the viewmodel one XD
About the project, well, i’m stuck: the bolt action rifles change their position after the first shot.
I posted the pics of the problem a couple of post ago…


So… Rendroc, any updates for RTH30 Version of v4.38?



I finally got it to compile for RtH30. Does it work? Download it and let me know :smile:

If this works then it means I (we, thank you Goose) have made the full transition to Windows 7 [just in time for Windows… whatever.] It’s like when you move to a new house or apartment: you know you have all of your same stuff, but you can’t find half of it and your sound system doesn’t work with your TV anymore.


Wehehehey! Just in time Mr.Rendroc. I’ll test it out, report the intel i’ll gather up in the process.

Error reports, EiB v4.8 CM.
By the way, in Earned in Blood. I somehow get a crash when i use NoHud with a couple of mutators, I don’t know which causes it but I’ll look into it.

Here’s the one i used mostly.

Another thing, It seems the peek ability of the mod is broken. The camera is too high above me.
Like i’m spectating but stuck on that very position.

I confirmed that it’s since the v4.8 of EiB CommandMod, Multiplayer/Singleplayer.
Other than that, I’ve enjoyed the v4.8, especially the ability to modify the value as well as the health of the soldiers. Disabling their “Bullet sponges” perk.

*Edit - Same problem applies for Road to hill 30.



Ok, this is great feedback. Thanks.


I think I noticed a bit with rendroc ini where the icon for the waypoint mode doesn’t seem to work right… Anyone else having that issue?

Also, rendroc would it be possible to include ai number modifiers for battlezone, combat zone , AND warzone? Thank you!


You mean how many Pawns each Unit can handle? That would be a great idea! @Rendroc you should look into this aspect, it’ll take a while. Though.

But if you’d asked me, a total of 6 Pawns per Unit would totally balance/compensate the entity increase in Rendroc.ini Warzone modifier.

But do not focus on this part however, you should still work on fixing the aforementioned/apparent problems.


  • Uploaded new EiB and RtH30 to fix the peek cam issues.

  • I couldn’t reproduce the NoHUD crashing. Can you copy and email me the text that it spits out in the crash report?

  • For waypoint mode, I disabled it by default since most people don’t use it or like it. You can re-enable it in Rendroc.ini by setting bDisableWaypointMode=False.

  • Well, you can set WarZone subunits to be whatever you want. 2 US, 0 German… it kind of makes BattleZone obsolete (US=1, German=1). If you still want to use it, though, you can add this to Rendroc.ini:


  • Max soldiers in each unit can only be three. Sorry, that’s just how the game was made and it’s way too much trouble to modify that.


Thanks for the help, I’ve realized that the game only limits the map to have 40-50 Artificial intelligence in action for moment, more than that causes that crash. But in some occasion, the value 4 works unless the other is set to 2.

Anyway, @Rendroc.
Nevermind about the problem for now, it seems that i used a for-singleplayer-mutator during that time, so false alarm about it for now.

Also, where can i find the patch for the peek cam?



Just download the same link. It’s a new file but it’s still v4.38. If it doesn’t work then I messed something up.