Rendroc's Mods for Brothers in Arms: RtH30 and EiB


I’m pretty sure I always had trouble getting them to do this, even before I started modding. I never played the XBox version but I’d be surprised if it was that much different, so I don’t know how to explain it.


Thanks! Yeah I was wondering if maybe u coded them to not take cover behind tank. Nevertheless, when I get some time, I may try to figure out how to make a fire team take cover behind a tank while the other one mounts on top and fired the mg!


I’ve seen the code from the unmodded game before. It looks like it’s supposed to work but I don’t know why it doesn’t work well. That would be cool to fix that and get them to fire the MG too!


Hi to all)

When we use your mod when playing multiplayer. With real players. It does not work properly.

Some mutators work well. But some either do not work or work incorrectly.

Command mod and real sight
Works only in the server player, the rest is not working. When I try to climb on anything, I’m flying up.

Can you fix it?


Hi, and welcome! Thank you for asking.

I understand your problem; yes that is a bug. I’m sorry but I don’t know how to fix it exactly. It has to do with “Replication” which is Unreal’s server/client code, which I never learned. If there is an expert that could help me with it, it might be possible, but unfortunately that is all I can do.

I got a funny email about this same problem from two people trying to play Skirmish together. They would try to climb and instead would fly up in the air like you. So, for the rest of the game, they told me the flying guy is “air support” :airplane: :boom:


Very sad
Climbing and sights it is not so important. But the Command mod is very necessary in multiplayer)

And I have a question. How to start mutators in skirmish?


Run the mod’s Customutators, can be found in your start screen, just be be sure to enable the stuff you need in the Custommutators.ini in your System folder.

These are the ones that you can use to automatically turn on CMs. But bear in mind they also turn off when you go into Mission select (Singleplayer only.)

@Rendroc, wow. They must’ve enjoyed that CAS, except that it’s a human. Hilarious point there, though!


(Marcomi X) #333

Hello there!
I’m here to ask you a question: is it possible to keep the unsighted sway WITHOUT the Realsights?


It’s possible but it would take some more coding.

(Marcomi X) #335

Ok, thanks… I thought that just a little modification to the script would have been enough


Hey Rendroc, I might need some help at few scripting.

I wanna add the other characters used in EiB (namely DECharD,DECharE, and DECharF) to the spawnables WZ guys in Rth30. I’m one step closer, but when it comes to compiling the MjcCSGermany, the problem shows up.

And it’s the case for two damn compile choices too! Whenever I compile it via changed scripts, the Warzone mutator itself doesn’t work.

And if via compile all, it works but it seems that a file was affected and makes them the physics of the ragdolls of the dead pawn wonky (I believe it’s Wargamepawn.uc)

I have no doubt you can’t fix it as you successfully integrated this in EiB.
Can you do a workaround and point me out how to fix it when you do? Thanks.



Usually yes, but I’d have to unravel everything in my head again. The sway stuff is complicated so I know that it would be more than one or two lines. Also we would have to add another setting to Rendroc.ini. Feel free to take a look thought, I can always use the help! The relevant code is in mjcPlayerController and mjcPlayerPawn.


I’m pretty happy with our Win7 fix for this game, but it’s not perfect. I still have compilation problems like this from time to time and I don’t have a solid system for fixing it. Usually I just keep tinkering until I get it to run properly but that will not always work.

To diagnose this I would need more specific information, such as the compile errors you are getting and how you are trying to work around them. I don’t recommend recompiling any of the base files aside from what is in our Win7 fix how-to. If it is necessary, we should document it.

I didn’t have any problems using DEChar[D-F] in EiB because they are already installed. It’s when you try to port it to RtH30 that you have to be careful. If you told me more about what you were doing that would be helpful too.


It’s not really a specific error I’m facing. But testing it’s my problem.

But I do noticed that MjcWarzone’s file size changed from 351 to 363 kb when via compile changed.

But only 352 when compile all.

I ported most of the characters in EiB already, sans voices just yet.
However I do realized that the aforementioned DeChars were already coded, but not used due to lack of sound files (which is now present in EiB)



The file size changes are expected if you are compiling scripts differently from how I do it. Mainly, I avoid recompiling the original stock scripts, for example. But that in itself should not be a problem.

The de char files that you are talking about don’t exist in Road to hill 30, so I assume you’re talking about some of the files that I created. They may not work because they are only place holders so I’m not sure if I would use those to start with. That said you might be able to use them, I just don’t know for sure.

Sometimes you can trick the compiler by recompiling something and then copying the original over it to replace it. For example if wargame pawn is not working correctly after you recompile it, try copying the original back over it.


Hi again) There are questions about the rendrock.ini

What are the maximum and minimum values in these parameters?



Ah, good question. The short answer is that there is no minimum or maximum. There are a lot of variables involved with the AI, and these are only a few.

It’s been a while since I wrote this, so I’m a little rusty. But I’ll try to remember.

For Priority, I think if you have a value of 0.0 or less then they will not pursue or try to outflank enemies. They will still shoot at them, but they will mainly be concerned with the objective.

Using values much higher than 1.0 (like 5.0 or more) means that they will mostly ignore the objective and just focus on maneuvering to engage as many enemies as possible.

DemonStrength is a little misleading. It is actually how much of a threat a “Player” is to AI enemies. Human Players are a huge threat, so a value of 2.0 means that the Player is as strong as 2 AI soldiers. The truth is that Human Players do have some advantages to health and damage (this is in the original Gearbox Code). To be fair, the Demon AI Players (the AI Sergeants) get the same bonuses. Thus both Human and Demon Players are considered by enemies to be the same threat value: DemonStrength. Again, there is no minimum or maximum.

I hope this helps :slightly_smiling:


The first 2 understand.
About DemonStrength. This only affects the health of bots?
Value 1, making them the same as the other units?


No, sorry this is confusing. It should be named “PlayerThreat” or something like that. It is for the AI, so that they know how “strong” the player is compared to a bot. If you set it to 0.0 they might ignore you, or rush you more often. If you set it to 5.0 they will try to be very careful around you.


Good) Thank you, will experiment)