Rendroc's Mods for Brothers in Arms: RtH30 and EiB


Hey @Rendroc, how does the crouch movement work?

I’m kinda confused since my men goes like running when the shooting starts even when they’re in cover, which gets them more open to bullets.

For example in Rommel’s Asparagus.
There’s only this very small corner where I can get my men into the field, so as they move near it I commanded them to Stealth > Stealth > Spread out on the third node.

But it seems that they ignore the order (though some still seem to be doing the latter) as they finished stepping the 2nd node (or of course, they get shot at… but everyone, even those in cover, is affected).

Could it be possible somehow to make the crouch manually toggled? Like adding an entry in Rendroc.ini or something so that the NPCs will stay lower until ordered to go hot. :slight_smile:

But unless I’m missing a few strategies (things) out, I also thought that stealth movement might not be compatible with Spread out (Mouse click) at all.



Yeah I think that they stay down unless someone gets shot, I.e. takes damage. Then everyone in that fire/assault team will stop crouching. There isn’t any way currently to separate the team so that only the guys taking damage move at full speed.

I suppose I could add something that makes them stay crouched no matter what.


Sure, take your time until you figure out how to, and thanks!



Hello again.

There was such a problem.
Custom weapon mutator.
At all weapons destruction factor works well, except for M3A1.
I do not know why, but in multiplayer. When you first start working fine, but when you restart the mission, defeat the coefficients changes to the standard.
And it only happens with M3A1.
You can check this problem?)

(Marcomi X) #350

Hey there!
Long Time no see!
I came up with some ideas for other mutators, when I was refining some details of my mod.
-Custom background music: It should work like in GTA: a folder in which you drop some audio files that you can play it in game, as background music.

-MRW Texture mutator: a mutator that allows you to toggle my custom textures.

-ENB series mutator: a mutator that allows you to toggle the ENB series graphic mod.

Then, I came up with some ideas to enhance the existing mutators:
-Realistic Ironsights: The front sights in BIA are WAAAY to big. They should be narrowed.
Here’s what I’m Talkin’ 'bout:
Real Garand Ironsight:
BiA Garand Ironsight:
Real Thompson Ironsight:
BiA Thompson ironsight:

…and so on.

-more voice acting for the pawns: the pawns of the commandmod’s mutators are too silent, IMO…if possible, it would be great to add more voice acting to them.

Another thing:
It would be that hard to convert BiA RtH30 and EiB from Unreal engine 2 to unreal engine 3 or 4?
It would be great to add bump maps and specular maps to the textures…

(armitom) #351

Great ideas, especially the ironsight part.

I don’t know much about engines, but i don’t think it would be a cakewalk to convert the game to an updated version of the unreal engine.

(Marcomi X) #352

I’m trying to taking care about the sight-size part…but I costantly fear to misallign the sights.
When I’m done, I’ll post a “beta”…so that you can try it yourself and tell me if the sights are misalligned.

(Marcomi X) #353

Here’s the link.
obviously, you’ll need the realsights mutator to be activated.

Please, let me know if the garand sights is perfectly alligned (I mean…if the front sight is pointed where you actually shoot)

(armitom) #354

Alright, downloaded and tried it on BIARTH30 for a while, activated the mutators and played through the “crack of dawn” chapter

Everything seems alright on my system, nothing out of the ordinary, the sights where indeed aligned where i shot. the Weapon FOV was great not too close not too far either, perfect!

P/S this was just for the Garand right? Cause the Thompson sights where just like before, didn’t try any of the German weapons.

(Marcomi X) #355

After loads of analysis, I noticed the sight is slightly off to the right…damn.
I’ll try to fix it.

(armitom) #356

Must be very slight, cause i didn’t notice.

In any case, this is good work, keep it up, we appreciate it :slight_smile:

(Marcomi X) #357

This one should be better.
Anyway, I’m hoping for the Rendroc seal of approval, since I bet he knows a better way to determine if the Garand sights are alligned or not.


If you download the SoundtrackLoud mutator from you can replace the music with your own. I think it’s in the Music folder, and it must be in .ogg format with the same names (I think it looks like this: something_loud.ogg). This is only for RtH30 at the moment.

I agree, the sights in BiA are too big. There was a discussion earlier about replacing the first-person weapon with the third-person weapon, but I think the conclusion was that the sights from the third-person model are just not good enough. If there was a higher-res, textured model that we could use with accurate sights, I think a mutator could be built for it.

Which guys are too silent? I enabled a lot of the dialogue that was recorded but Gearbox never implemented, mostly for Baker’s original squad but also for the AI Germans. To a lesser degree, the WarZone guys should have the same voice responses, just less frequently.

An Unreal 2 to Unreal 3/4 conversion would have to be from scratch. Unreal just doesn’t port well, especially without Gearbox’s original C++ source code.

(Marcomi X) #359

what about the modification I posted earlier?
Can you tell me if the garand sights are perfectly aligned?

Moreover…I noticed that the sourcecode for TLB has been published…
If I recall correctly, they managed to import a new weapon model.
Any chance to importing/exporting weapon models, using that code?

(Marcomi X) #360

Oh, and it would be great to make a separate mutator for the weapon sway function.
I mean…If anyone would want to make his weapon sway but keep the original sights, he should be allowed to do so.


Sorry I haven’t been able to mod anything for a while, so I haven’t checked your work.

You should be able to import new models in a fairly straightforward manner as far as I know. I don’t think it takes any special code.

(Silvarafael44799) #362

Hi, I’m fairly new to the PC scene and recently switched from console and gotten an alienware alpha console, and tried downloading your mod for road to hill 30 but when I tried to download it, I received an error saying the browser couldn’t identify the author, or something along those lines and it didn’t even give me the option to run or save it. You’re help would be much appreciated.


You have some kind of security setting that doesn’t allow you to download programs from unknown software publishers like me. (I am just a modder so as far as Microsoft is concerned I am “unknown”).

For someone new to PCs, this is a good thing that keeps you from downloading and running malware (programs that have viruses and other harmful software). If you still want the mod and you can figure out how to disable it, only do it long enough to download and run this mod, and then re-enable it again to stay safe.


Hey. How are things around here? Anything new?

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New? Oh yes! I managed to pass a kidney stone the size of a grapefruit!