Rendroc's Mods for Brothers in Arms: RtH30 and EiB

(Currahee) #366

Holy crap, how everything is ok but congrats

(Erfakkaligis) #368

Hey, I’ve been using this mod about a year and this mods never get me bored to play BiA RtH30 and EiB, however I have a suggestion but, I sent it via Email… don’t know you have read it or not… that suggestion more like selfish request. Please consider my suggestion… @Rendroc
Sorry to mention you…


Thanks, I replied to you today. Erfak is asking about setting the player’s ammo and thought you could do it with CustomLoadouts, but perhaps I’m mistaken.

His other suggestion was change up the WarZone units’ weapons, especially so there aren’t so many BARs. I think he has a point.

My old modding system has been mothballed and I haven’t brought the files onto the new one. But I’m still here, and you never know, I’ve come out of retirement before…

(Erfakkaligis) #371

Thank you, for reply my email.
About the weapon clips. On email you said CustomWeapons (In here you said CustomLoadouts, which is I was experiment with adding more lines on Fireteam and Assault with not succeed changing extra bots weapon) only change Thompson and Stg only, also it changing Weapon’s clip not reserved or carried ammo.

(Marcomi X) #372

Maybe there’s a way to export and re-import BiA Rth30 and EiB skeletal meshes.
A tool called Watto’s Game Extractor:
I didn’t tested it yet, though…