Rendroc's Mods for Brothers in Arms: RtH30 and EiB


Is it the whole view, or is it just the hands and weapon? Do you have a video or a more detailed description?

(queendracwraith) #146

I don’t know if any of my videos have a moment of this, and I don’t plan to dig through. Hopefully I can record and catch it.

What happens is that your whole view will turn left or right uncontrollably for a second, messing up your aim and being just plain annoying.

(Marcomi X) #147

OK, they’re right: it happens when you shake fast the mouse (left and right or up and down). It never happened to me, until I tried this.


Ok and is this both sighted and unsighted views, or just unsighted view? I am having trouble reproducing it but I will still try to fix it.

(Marcomi X) #149

It’s hard to show you this bug because is mouse-motion related…try to shake fast the mouse during a gameplay…
It’s both in sighted and unsighted view.


@Rendroc, do You plan any updates of Your “Rendroc’s WarZone” in the near future? :wink:

Thank You in advance for response.


Uploaded new 4.37 beta

  • WarZone US soldiers will hold their position and not move as much. This is to try and temper their aggressiveness/stupidity. Basically they move near your team and stay put, instead of maneuvering on their own. Let me know what you think of this change.

  • Fixed damage variance problem

  • Fixed RealSights spinning bug, I hope. Let me know if it’s still a problem; I can try one more thing.

  • Fixed WZGravity bug that caused inconsistent grenade throws. In EiB they were launching into space.

  • Increased accuracy of AI K98 sniper with DeadlySquadsMP

  • Stabilized FG42 scoped aiming

  • Fixed a lot of problems with settings changing after each new mission or checkpoint reload. I made an assumption about defaultproperties and found out from the variance bug that it was incorrect. So I went back over years of code to correct it. You probably won’t notice it, though. Unless I broke something by trying to fix it.

(Marcomi X) #152

Spinning Bug FIXED!! Thanks again, @rendroc!


@Rendroc, thank You very much for this update!

I will try today to test the mod in both RtH30 and EiB in Single Player mode.

I will let You know about any bugs and my own feedback from playing it.


This is great! Also since the AI solders are less “wild” maybe their health can be tweaked to 100 instead of 250 in the future. Would add a little more realism and sense of danger… Great work!

(queendracwraith) #155

Wow, it all works great. Thanks for the work, Rendroc.


@Rendroc, i tested today Your newest 4.37 Command Mod version in both RtH30 and EiB Single Player.

My feedback:

-> no more spinning bug with RealSights mutator,

-> no more inconsistent grenade throws in EiB,

-> more stable FG42 scoped aiming in EiB,

-> damage variance problem seems to be fixed,

-> more deffensive behavior for extra troops from “Big Jack’s Mob”. They are not so aggressive as they were before.

Thank You again! This is a big step forward. :wink:

Maybe You could try to implement a kind of “hit location system” to BiA:RtH30 and EiB in future? It would be more realistic, than the damage variance system based on shots randomness.

(queendracwraith) #157

Hmm… the defensive behavior is nice, but I think it took a lot of the fun out of MP.

Would it be possible to have the aggressive AI for MP and the more defensive AI for SP?

EDIT: Let me do some more MP testing and get back to you, the one test map I used wasn’t the best for testing the current AI.


None of the changes should have affected MP AI.

(queendracwraith) #159

Just tested, it all works. Thanks again, Rendroc.


@Rendroc, i though about an idea about implementing the “cooking” ability to both US and German grenades.

The player could release the grenade pin and throw the grenade after few seconds, to prevent the enemy from throwing it back or running away (like in some other FPS games). Of course waiting too long before throw would cause the grenade to blow up in the player’s hand ;).

@Rendroc, is it possible to implement it into BiA:RtH30 and BiA:EiB or not? What do You think?

Thank You in advance for the response.


It is possible, and I do think that control is a realistic aspect that is missing. The problem is that implementing new commands was actually quite difficult for me and the results are still a bit buggy. So I am not so eager to make it more complicated than it already is.


I understand You @Rendroc, but maybe this could be a new additional mutator or an additional command line in CustomWeapons.ini, that the player could enable or disable at any time (i.e. CookGrenades=true or false)?
I would eagerly test such feature for You in RtH30 and EiB :slight_smile: . If this would require too much work for You I would understand.

I am pretty sure, that I am not the first one who mentioned about the “cooking grenades” idea for BiA:RtH30 and EiB. I like Your “Command Mod” mutator very much - just like it is - even with those random bugs. After all, it is still better than the default command system from RtH30 and EiB developed by Gearbox.


Gearbox team could learn a lot from Rendroc warzone.

Pjakub88, honestly, do you really think a new BIA game would have as good if commands as what Rendroc had done? Even modern realistic shooters have failed to capture what he has.


And there is no telling what queendracwraith will do now! I worry about the guy.