Rendroc's Mods for Brothers in Arms: RtH30 and EiB

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Good luck, is hells highway even worth it? We would have to redo enemy AI and all level structure. At least rth30 and eib had an amazing single player to work with.


But hey with the enemy AI as it is for hells highway I do have a great idea. Hells highway would provide PERFECT structure for a ww2 zombie game.

Should we work on that?


@Jmoney1, I never said that. In my opinion the new Brothers in Arms game would be worse than Hell’s Highway (I played it few years ago on my PC - just one word to describe it: “fail”) and cannot be as good as RtH30 and EiB, but we will see that in future. The tactical level achieved by Rendroc in his WarZone mods is still unmatched. By the way this is not a thread about Hell’s Highway or incoming BiA: Battle of the Bulge.

Please @Jmoney1 You don’t need to “defend” Rendroc, because I only posted a possible idea for a new feature for his WarZone mod - nothing else plus I did not asked You but Rendroc directly. @Jmoney1, You are a lawyer or judge or someone like that? :wink:


I agree a new bia game would never be as good as rth30 and eib.

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Well…you’ll never know!
If the game structure will be similar to the first two games, it will be a great game!
Even the setting would be fantastic…you should not have such prejudice.
I agree that the gameplay of HH is quite…well…“untasty” and not very immersive (damn 3rd person view…-.-’’)
but the storytelling is exellent! (the only thing I don’t understand is the whole reconnaissance stuff…)
And Remember, my friends: BiA is not a good game for its gameplay…it’s a great game for its story and realism too!

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What do you even mean by this? Context clues don’t help me understand your meaning.

No. I like enemies that shoot back.


Ok ok no zombies.

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@rendroc, there’s a way to use the iron sight by keep pressing a button instead of the toggle system?


I think it’s possible.


Hey guys i want to know if I am the only one dealing with this issue, Do you find that the weapon is still kind of cut off with the new unsighted sway mod with real sights? I think that more of the weapon should be visible as before, even the panzer faust and colt 45, you can barely see the hand and wrist any more. Do you notice this on your end?? Thank you! I believe this unsighted sway is great, but of course would hope that the wonderful weapon are not lowered on the screen position.

Queen darling… now you are good with taking pics and and videos, maybe you could test and compare non modded panzerfaust and colt 45, bar, etc… screen position, and then compare with unsighted sway mod. I am noticing that on my end some of the hand and wrist are no longer visible, and nearly half of the panzerfaust is cutt off.


@Jmoney1, I agree with You. The FOV (Field of View) in BiA:RtH30 and EiB need to be increased in my opinion, or at least be customizable by the player. Rendroc stated that he did this purposely for people who didn’t want to see the entire weapon in player hands, just the “upper part of it” (i.e. M1 Thompson).


Thanks for the feedback!!
Well i have spent hours trying to figure this out…, from what i have discovered, there is no FOV change with real sights mod… when I changed the screen FOV the weapon was still lowered… But there is a separate weapon FOV, and when I increased that, the weapon was still in the lowered position, but just longer.

SO, what needs to happen, is a a change of the position of the weapon model as it appears on the screen. IM not sure if this requires coding or not. Nor am i sure if Rendroc lowered the model or of the unsighted sway did it. But there must be a way to simple raise the weapon back to what it was before, or possible extend it forward so we can see more of the hand and arm.


Quote from Rendroc: “RealSights didn’t change the FOV of the un-sighted weapon. The weapon was just offset a bit, to create a correct sight picture when aiming, but when not aiming it was too low for the taste of some players. So that’s what the latest fix was for.”


Ok so looks like it was lowered at one point, but hopefully now it can just be raised to original position. BY THE WAY, if you want to test the in game FOV, just enable console , while playing the game hit the ~ key, and type “Fov 90” or whatever fov you want. And you will see that the weapon position doesn’t change. So there has to be a mod or perhaps rendroc could help and guide with how to change the weapon positions like he did.

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It’s just a resolution issue. Try to switch to 1024x768.
It’s an issue that existed even before the unsighted sway.
No need to blame it.
Try to install a previous warzone update and Check it out if you don’t believe me


Its more than resolution… I compared preexisting war zone and even tried the game without war zone installed, and the weapons are clearly lower on the screen with the unsighted sway. If course resolution changes will alter the view of the weapon… but this is going beyond resolution. I will have to upload comparison screens i suppose.


Many of us play with widescreen resolution, and with unsighted sway as is, much of the gun is now cut off. That was never the case before. :frowning:

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I’ll do it for you:

No mutators, 1440x900:

No mutators, 1024x768:

Realsight mutator, 1440x900:

Realsight mutator, 1024x768:


INteresting, thanks for contributing! But on my end, thats not what I’m seeing at all… especially with the colt .45 and panzerfaust and bazooka. Maybe I should post separate screens of those particular weapons.

I have resolution a 1680×1050… Without real sights, you can see the back of the hand when carrying the BAR, with real sights you cant.