Renegade silver solo impossible?

I’ve tried so many times doing this level to get silver, and I even got 51k just now, but that’s still bronze? If anyone has tips or advice, please tell me. This level is the only one stopping me from getting Kleese.

Did you try with a group? I got kleese already but I don’t think it was a specific mission requirement jusr got him after a certain command rank.

I’m trapped in solo. No ps+.

Sigh. Same thing as every mission, find all 3 big chests, try to collect all bonus score orbs. Pay attention to when they spawn. I’ve reached 60k+ farming this mission leaving half the stuff alive just rushing through, if you kill everything gold should be a piece of cake.

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The key in most missions seems to be the yellow score globes from bosses as well as blue extra credit coins from chests . When playing a group they sometimes double team score.

I did it as Kleese solo on advanced hardcore mode. I can give some general non character tips.
First being time, accuracy of attacks/structures, and lives lost seem to impact score. So when using structures pick accurate things like temporal drones and shock turrets when possible unless range is a factor. Also Don’t get over ally aggressive and leave defense areas open to attack.
Second pick up as many items from crates chests breakable things to increase your score.
Third build gear that suits the specific character you’ll be using. The more specific the better.
Fourth Some characters are better pick on certain missions. Kleese for example can hold non moving defense objects better than anyone thanks to his ult and his rifts. Not to mention his 3rd mutation and taser.
Five experience never hurts. Have you played the mission multiple times? If yes use when and where enemies spawn as well as pick ups so you can efficiently travel and defend without losing time or score.
Not sure what else but I’ll let you know if I think of it.

Try going for a Gold medal. It’s literally the only gold I currently need and I’ve done the mission upwards of 25 times (with group and without).

Thanks everyone. I finally got luck (and desperate), and got silver using OM. That cloak speed boost helped a lot. Plus two big chests spawned like right next to each other, so that helped.

My significant other doesn’t have ps+… She plays online with me and when I’m not there. So… Awesome bug?

That’s perhaps the most helpful thing right there. I didn’t know about that for the longest time.

Go under the bridge - both sides down there will spawn extra high-score enemies.

Find every chest (should be 3). The final chest has some really out-of-the way possible locations.
Grab every yellow ball every chest spits out.

Once you kill the boss’s protection, grab ALL the ballz he drops.
While fighting him, watch out for him randomly spitting out more ballz.
Don’t kill him near the edge, or he’ll drop ballz off the map; you can’t get them that way.

Grabbing every blue ball gives you a tiny boost in score.
I’ve found you get no points for shards, or destroying warp anchors.
Critical kills with no missed shots should grant highest score per kill.

Silver is the highest solo I have; it’s Gold that’s almost impossible solo.

It’s not impossible I did it with Marquis as well as with Miko and thorn

Wait wait wait. Not missing helps? Oh god that makes so much more sense. I’ve been getting bronze every run! But I got gold super easy when I was using God mode gali! Thank you!
Now does score increase credits earned? Because I run pve for gear packs, and I wanna maximize income :slight_smile: