Renewed QoL request topic

This is the second topic based on one i started long ago… some points where allready changed from the old and this one. still a long way to go :roll_eyes:

  • remove the cosmetics from the lootpool (or give them their own color so they stand out) something that i think everybody who played this game more then a week will agree on that it’s anoying to see these things drop every 3 seconds.
    (my suggestion is to put ALL these into earl’s shop)

  • purple/bue quest/special/event items… give them a new color as atm they are getting lost in the sea of normal (useless) purple items… i don’t even want to know how many good items i’ve trown away because they weren’t “orange”
    also make all of them able to roll anointments making them usefull (again)

  • add crew chalange weapons/items to the Veteran Rewards Machine or make the chalange repeatable. some weapons can only be unlocked on new characters, making it a pain to repeat the whole damn game again for some weapons (wich after so many level increases became a tedious waste of time) or you needed to use other methods to get them…

  • add option to what goes into the lost loot (what rarity, what kind of items/weapons) as 99% of the thing in there you didn’t pick up for the sole reason you didn’t want it in the first place… (so it would be even better if it just picked up on legendary and items that fly off the map)

  • toggle quest marker (toggle quest log on screen)

  • reset DLC instead of resetting the whole game (pretty much nobody wants to replay the main story more then once) a’d let us reset non main missions

  • remove wandering NPC’s from the rear deck on sanctuary (or fix collisions with these buggers. Problem from day 1… Still présent i’ the game.

  • Better sorting in vault/inventory (sorting by name is pretty useless due to prefixes + add more options) tabs?

  • add more fast travel points and/or vendors on large/long maps (will let the community decide where these could be added)

  • add a reset button instead of logging out/in (rerolling the anoying mods resets the map so why didn’t you add such a button in the first place?)

  • ingame skill tree builder, let us play around with skill points in the new-u station where you buy the whole build instead of getting forced to do it all over again when you made a mistake (not caring about the cost, it’s just anoying when you want to change your build and don’t want to have 30 mules for it)

  • Build swap (change skills and items instantly) the weapon wall in sanctuary could work as a build save slot :slight_smile: Slap all the weapons for that build on the wall, and with a push of a button you save your current build to the wall. And when you want to play an other build on that character you just push the button again and load in the other build, weapons and all. (cost of respec)

  • Chose mayhem modifiers instead of rerolling them (will save people a lot of time) or have some preset combo’s
    M11 is just M10 without modifiers… why only m10? what about the people on lower mayhem?

  • things you mark as favorite should stay marked even if put them into / take them out of your safe

  • option to scrap/sell vendortrash from inventory

  • Toggle loot beams (visual clutter) just play any slaughtershaft… you’ll get it, don’t worry…

  • Add modification to the target dummy in the shooting range (add shield/armor/healthbar)

  • Add Veteran Reward machine to DLC hubs (timothy’s hideout, lodge, etc.) wich can spawn DLC quest items. and add DLC legendary to DLC vending machine list (fixes the problem that people without DLC can have them spawn in their pool)

  • toggle mail rewards haven’t used a single one of these items ever… maybe create a special legendary you can only get doing these? or do something with weapon parts (get upgraded parts or something instead of useless weapons nobody uses)

enable fast travel when INSIDE a vehicle doesn’t need explaining does it?

other “not so QoL” suggestions

  • new slaughtershafts DLC themes (add slaughtershaft to DLC campaigns)

wishfull thinking
Bring back BL2 vaulthunters! :joy:

remove weaponscaling, rework mayhem scaling accordingly (like old mayhem) and balance ALL weapons
New mayhem became absolete the day it went live.

rework anointments
Allong with above point, balance! I would even suggest removing anointments from legendary gear.

buff mission rewards
Most if not all are useless because of no buffs, no anointment or both.

Remove immunity stages absolete and useless bullcrap mechanic that drags fights for no reason! makes half your bosses a bore to play… or at least shorten it to 3 seconds or so… or do you want to bore your players to death???

Remove Mayhem weapon scaling and with that actualy make mayhem a difficulty scaling mode (now your guns scale allong mayhem rendering the point of playing lower mayhem pretty much mute. especialy after it’s so easy to get legendary M10 weapons just farming fabricator/vendors)

public TEST server… a place where you test your patches and updates before they go live instead of going live and not working… or create a test range for yourselves where you can actualy see if your patch works and what’s bugged before you send it out (nobody will ever forget your mayhem 2.0 debacle)

if anybody has more ideas to add to this list post them below and i’ll add them :wink: (as long as they fit in the QoL type of request)



In addition to removing loot beams, it would be immensely helpful for there to be a way to pull up a text listing of all loot in the current map.


not sure if i’m understanding your idea :sweat_smile:

or rather how you would like it to work :innocent:

if you can elaborate on it i’ll add it to the list

nailed it. Especially the gawd dayum SANCTUARY NPC’S! Lol! Much love be safe stay healthy.

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funny thing is, this is my third (or fourth?) list like this haha and it was one of the first things on the list (one of the reason why i started doing these lists haha)

though GBX allready made a lot of things happen… that one keeps flying under the radar (GBX probably never got locked in their room as of yet hahahaha)

One of my first support tickets was about this and how they engaged the player when the player ran by or had a back to them busy. No one cares what they say regardless…and it become annoying… then the room lock and like 3 that followed you in some how as well…

When replaying a quest that rewards a cosmetic, the reward should be removed if you already have it unlocked.

Give me an option to automatically mark everything I pick up as trash. Or an option to change the “sell trash” into “sell non-favorites”, same diff. This is the 3rd game in a row where this potentially terrific feature is in this same useless state. If I have to manually mark everything as trash, I might as well just manually sell it at a vendor instead.

Since we’ve got instanced looting I’d believe it should be possible for me to tweak “my instance” in such a way that I could just outright cull all the white, green and blue drops off of my playing field. I don’t need them and the amount of visually distracting clutter on the floor can get pretty unbelievable. Mayhem mode circle of slaughter anyone? Fairly sure it’s even causing frame drops / performance issues for my game as the amount of stuff is obscene and it’s all just useless trash.

Why does the catch-a-ride station not remember any of my preferences? If I customize a car and then spawn another, the machine gives me a plain vanilla car. Kinda defeats the point of quick spawning or unlocking new parts. Optimally I’d like for the game to remember what I’ve chosen for all the cars so for example when I switch to a technical it would just have whatever had on my technical last time I used it. The station doesn’t remember even my latest pick for my current session.

Allow fast traveling while in a car. Having to go through 2-3 sub-menus to get to the destination I want to get to and then see I’m “currently unable” to fast travel is annoying. Just have to jump out of the car and repeat the whole menuing process all over again. I get the idea is not allowing the car to teleport but is it that hard to get me out of the car automatically instead of this clunk :smiley:

Allow me to disable the “100 kills” mails from manufacturers. It’s a sweet idea but there is a point where it becomes an annoyance.

I honestly wouldn’t mind the lost loot machine having a “sell all” button on it too because that’s about how useful I’ve found the contraption to be.

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I’d add an option to the item inspection function to see all effect on an item - currently a lot are being pushed off the cards as a lot has been added I.e mayhem level.

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Simple fix that is already in the game for vendor trash.
Don’t pick it up.
What use is the hundreds of millions we have. You can’t buy 2 planets and connect them with a water slide…

All I ask, Is that they start testing their code.
This (Ready, Fire, Aim) tact, is not working. All you end up doing is polishing a turd.
And “I ain’t no turd farmer”

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This is true and I already don’t pick it up at the end game. It is undeniably less of an issue in BL3 where ammo prices don’t scale up with OP (or in this case mayhem) levels and items of the day are not heavy on ones wallet.

Still, it is a mechanic that’s supposed to make selling trash less of a hassle while all it accomplishes is adding another step to the exact same hassle. It’s a QOL “improvement” that performs worse than the base action it’s trying to make better for 3 games now. It is a bit screwed up IMO.

That said I’d value the ability to not see most of the trash on my screen a lot more. I didn’t put those in any particular order.

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Listen there is a big QoL improvement we need.
Public test servers.
I will say no more

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Do something about the Anointed! Realistically, they should be absent in endgame, since Troy is dead and can’t make more, but at least tone them down. They are so freaking annoying, especially in areas where more than one or two spawn in at a time. I just tried farming the Maggie from Turnkey Tim, and Everytime there was anywhere from one to four of the bastards in there. Still better than running the Cistern, but still, come on!

I like most of these, but keep the loot beams. Often they are the only way to identify and pick up loot that falls inside the environment. Or else the Lost Loot Machine (LLM) and mechanic needs a serious overhaul to make it easier to get loot that is inaccessible.

in M10 most people don’t bother to stop and check what they are picking up… take slaughterhouse for example… i can’t even see the floor after 1 round… so i just run around picking crap up and dropping it take more time then selling it…

even better would be to be able to remove white, green and blue items from the lootpool but they’ll never do it…

offcourse they shouldn’t remove them :wink: just an option to turn them off would be a great help reducing the visual clutter haha

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Cool, that makes sense. Something I have been asking for since the early days is for ammo and health to not be prioritized when trying to pick stuff up. They are auto-pickup so they don’t need the beams and shouldn’t interact with our attempts to pick up loot.

In that same vein, the beams should be prioritized based on rarity. It’s irritating picking up greens or blues when just so I can get to the legendary behind them.

Grim Dawn has an AMAZING loot filter system that allows you to filter by rarity, “class ability” and various bonuses. If something is filtered out, you’ll still see a little glint of the appropriate color, but otherwise you barely notice them, and you can’t pick them up. Changing the filters is easy, in case you want to see what’s on the ground, but otherwise, the system stays out of your way, and lets you focus on the items you really care about.

Imagine being able to just see legendaries and purples that boost AS damage, or deal Shock damage, and everything else is ignored. And this system could be copied for the vault space, since that’s a total train wreck with level 50-60 gear, Mayhem 0-10, and a ton of anoints, elements, etc.


editeded some entries and added some :wink:

also used the reserved post for ideas on changing items (ideas are welcome, be it guns, mods, grenades, etc.)

this is probably a bug as it remembers everything fine for me :wink: might want to submit a support ticket for that (that’s why i didn’t add it to the list)

Interesting. Due to initial install and then getting some hardware I’ve now done a complete install of this game 3 times and it’s always been there so I thought this is just how the game behaves. I’ll have to look into this a bit more then.

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realy weird :sweat_smile:

i remember thinking to myself “good thing the damn thing remembers all the parts i slap onto it” hahaha

hence why i think it’s a bug :o