Renya's Prioritize Target Clarification Needed

I’m working on a video and I Just need a little help understanding Reyna’s ability. So Target takes 116% incoming damage… Range, Melee or Both? Everyone or Just Reyna’s Pistol?


Priority target applies a debuff on the target that increases all damage taken by 16% (100 percent would be without the damage buff or base damage - 116% would be base damage plus 16%). Any damage that the enemy takes gains an extra 16% increase in damage, ranged or otherwise. And yes it effects the whole team everyone can enjoy!

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Thanks a lot!

I’m glad I read this post.

I did not notice that it said The target TAKES 116% damage, I thought it was increasing by 116%… meaning double damage. This makes the Helix option to increase by a further 16% actually make sense xD

I thought the same too.