Repair Corvettes comfirmed

Looks like they kept them after all. Didn’t see a Support Frigate but if Corvettes are in I think it is pretty safe to assume the Frigates are in too.

They role is “field repair” so I guess they will function pretty much the same.

Suport frigate apeears on a german gameplay video, also the suport frigate has a radius, not clear what the radius is about

Area of affect healing? That’a essentially what it was doing in Classic HW1.

Well not really in Hw1 there wasn’t any area effect healing. The support frig served as little carrier for fighters and corvettes as well as healing single units, corvettes, frigates and caps by choice. You had to assign a repair order either by single click or by dragging a box around the units… The area effect thing means that units will heal faster within the radius of the support ship which sucks as it removes some strategic micromanagement.