Repeatable quests daily / weekly quests

Does anyone else think it would be good if rare spawn and zero targets are thrown up randomly every week or even daily

Not even asking for an increase in loot drops … Just something else to do


It would be cool if maybe once a week a certain rare spawn would be guaranteed to spawn. Or maybe for the whole week and it would rotate all the time.

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I would love to see that. Or maybe even a rotation of different drops for bosses per week so long as they fix the dedicated drops.

I think it would be better if, occasionally when playing online, that GBX buffs a rare spawn to make the battle more engaging and turn them into a “mini-boss”.
It’s cool that you can get the mission if a friend kills a rare spawn, but something more challenging would be an appreciated change.

why not bring back tannis’ digistruct peak? but make it a random map that changes every week?

the dev team had so many great things to build on (from the previous games) yet they tried to reinvent the wheel and end up with this, IMHO broken game…

i like a chalange… but there’s nothing chalenging about M4, appart from managing your ammo…
BL3 actualy makes me miss slag…

I’d really love to see more repeatable quests, instead of the boring burguer delivery one.

Why not just make Hammerlock and Zero’s kill quests repeatable? I mean, they’re NPCS inside Sanctuary, so why not have them give you repeatable quests to kill a number of their respective quest targets, and once you kill all targets, you deliver this quest, you get cash, eridium and a chance of getting a rare item?

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Just improve apon the bounties we already have make it so rare spawn bounties spawn more often, add bosses,ToO,LH to the bounties, have a set number of bounties appear everyday, and increase dedicated drop rate of bounties.

great idea! kinda like the bullymong quest in BL2 :smiley: (but better)

good idea but i would like guaranteed lyuda as reward