Repeatedly Crashing, Harvesters Stuck

Game keeps crashing in the same spot on mission 5 even after mission restart or loading mission 4 and playing from there into mission 5. Also my harvesters and resource controllers keep getting stuck out in empty space. at one point I had 3 harvesters and one resource controller stuck all at the same time and would not move or harvest. Running corei5 2500k processor, 16 GB of ram, Radeon 5800 card, and Windows 7. Windows and drivers were update before game was installed.

I’m having the exact same issue, repeated crashing to desktop on mission 5. I submitted a ticket and provided errors logs to them. I tried it on 2 separate computers, one with NVidia cards, the other with an AMD card and it crashes the exact same way.

I got the same issue as well. After some time, it seems that mission 5 just crashes back to desktop. I’ve restarted from mission 4 and went again to 5 just in case there was something wrong coming from mission 4 but it still crashed.

I am not experiencing the harvesters issue though, even when harvesters stop if I click on them to start again they move as expected.