Repeaters:Body3(TK) or Body4(HDR) Combat Shotguns:15 or 1200?

Question of ages.Which ones do you prefer and why?

I am playing Roland,so I am currently leaning towards 15s ,because you can overcome their small magazine sizes by using the Heavy Gunner COM.

For Repeaters I prefer the TK ones.Extra damage is nice,but I prefer having higher fire rate and more elemental procs.

I like my Shotguns 2-shot or Bulldog Mag, no half measures.

As for Repeaters I usually prefer TK, but there are some cases where I like HRD better, EG the Invader Nemisis Im totally gonna find…someday…


Agreed with Mr_Sandman regarding the 2 shot and Bulldog Mag shotties. Nothing better than to have high damage rate or being able to sustain a 20 shot roll without reloading.

As far as repeaters go, TK all the way with Mag_2a. Such as this one: