Replace disconnected players with bots

Simple change:

Make a bot take over a disconnected player’s character. Give them the same selected character/gear, but control them with a bot.

If the player reconnects to the game, give them a 30-second wait timer to re-take control, so they aren’t just pulled into the middle of a huge combat. If the character is currently dead, allow the re-connecting player to instantly take back control of their character.

Nothing is worse than crybabies, ragequitters, and lore challenge farmers quitting because things aren’t going their way, screwing over the entire team. At the very least, having bots will mean you have a meatshield distraction to draw enemies attention while you do the real work.


I really like this idea. However im not sure how it could work without being exploited bad. Bots are predictable after all, and that might lead to players using them to feed. Not to mention skill variance.

If it can be done, im all for it. Maybe try it out only in private games first to see if the community can exploit it?

Great idea! This has lots of merit. I would also like to see an auto disconnect feature for staying in the spawn area for too long. I do not know is this exists or not, and I understand it would be easy to work around, but it may help a bit.

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