Replacing Boldurdash?

After playing around with this skill i feel like it mechanically just doesnt really suit him. Aside from it already being a really common skill, his short POV and the collision/sliding problems make it very disorienting, sometimes its hard to tell what happened especially with the rune power over it. Especially the way it yanks the camera into center when you use the skill while Montana’s dash had a great camera angle for it, little bit of 3rd person there.

So why not just a good old fashioned heavy shield slam? Just like Boldurdash, it knocks an enemy back in a quick and snappy bash, stunning them if they collide with objects just like bolderdash, and brings some PRO/CONS
PRO: Much easier to aim and actually see what you’ve hit, easier to use while running or mid air, quicker to use with less wind up and broader arc for hitting multiple targets. His current dialogue and most of the Helix skills wouldnt need changed for the skill.

CON: No gap closer, losing it as a chase/escape can be scary. Less mobility since it could be used as a leap.

The way i see it, he has multiple speed options if he so desires, those can act as gap closers. As a Brawler/Tank, i dont think he NEEDS a gap closer to engage enemies. Enemies come to Boldur (if they dare) And a shield slam could act as an escape option in case you’re surrounded, knocking away all enemies in front of you with one mighty blow, clearing a path! He may not be able to chase as well and secure kills but im hoping Axe Toss gets sharpened a bit for that.

The runic power on boldurdash needs changed just as much, the explosion its supposed to add feels very unreliable and hard to even notice (as opposed to Montana’s charge with explosion helix, that was fantastic) from his POV and just adding an explosion to each of his skills is a little boring, makes sense for the axe, OFFENSIVE! But on the shield? too much! Could do something like debuff a targets damage or apply a slow.

I just feel there are mechanical and role specific issues with Boldurdash. Hope other Boldurs agree with this!

Adding an area knockback could seriously unbalance him as it would make him that much harder to flank.

Personally I like Boulderdash. I do agree that a status condition add might be more useful than the explosion/DoT add the skill currently gets from the ult.

My two cents:

I don’t disagree with you per se. But I think Boldur definitely benefits from the gap closer/escape tool. I think it should definitely have its collision values looked at, as there have been countless times a dash that should of connected does not.

If collision was dealt with, I would say that maybe a better option even would be to give Boldur the option to dash forward or straight backwards. Forwards grants you the shield bash while backwards perhaps give you a slight defensive bonus. It would give him a disengage where you don’t have to drop your shield and turn, risking whether the fire at your back is worth lowering your guard. Open up a few tactical options without gutting a entertaining skill.

My only hesitation in agreeing is purely for my play style, when I’m not soaking damage for my team I count myself as the anti tank. Not in terms of being able to kill them, but in terms of control. Being able to see the Galilea coming to stomp your team, and being able to push that nice lady into a corner and have a little word with her. I like to pick the biggest baddest guy on campus. And punch him repeatedly in the face.

That may just be me though haha. So I’m… Short of for this. But would rather not get rid of his dash. Just would like It to hit as well as it should.

Thats already a thing though, “gather no moss”. Is flanking him really the issue though? I mean, gali already benefits from this. As does ISIC, no? A teleport charge. Flank that. Hell, you’d think Runic Boldurdash would already do this, its supposed to add an explosion but no knockback on it? Kinda silly.
@crazycoolmigit well yeah a gap closer is definitely beneficial. Its more than just collision though, just his low perspective doesnt work well with it, a quick shield bash would be a much better CC tool and his ‘escape’ is still that hes a tank w/ good speed boosts.

I get that his tankiness may be his innate escape but can you explain to me why it’s his POV that makes the ability hard to hit versus the actual collision?

I can’t test it like you so it’s hard to see what you mean without it in front of me.

I still like Boulderdash. If they maybe have him a Bear oriented ability, I would sign up in a heart beat. But that’s just my obsession with bears. At least this time it’s theme appropriate!!

im…sorry to tell you this but… His ultimate used to summon his BattleBear for him to ride into battle.
His POV is that hes much shorter so its much harder to see whats going on, Montana is a tower so he can survey the area, and when he charges it zooms out to a slight 3rd person charge, you know when you hit or miss. Boldur often just crashes into explosions of colors, especially with his ultimate on. Combed with how it often slides off enemies/objects or stops dead in its tracks, its often hard to tell what happened. A 3rd person perspective of his charge may help, but a shield bash just seems more appropriate. Like his basic melee attack but powerful, a responsive quick skill would be super reliable even if he loses the mobility.

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Wait…what? This changes everything! Okay Gearbox, bring me back the battle bear! That’s the dream right there. Well, that’s slightly heart breaking, seeing what they went ahead and did with it in the lore.

Back to topic, I can see what you mean, I haven’t played too much with Montana but I know what you mean by the third person aspect of it. Which does help in terms of clarity. I agree a shield bash would be potentially more useful than the boulderdash in its current state. But I’ve just always been a fan of dashes for mobility, and this one comes with further perks.

I agree with you though, it could stand to be improved.

Gearbox… battle bear…

If they make Boldurdash have a better camera, fix the sliding and impact issues… Then it could still always be a helix! Might be awkward since you’d probably be locked in place after the dash to do the bash, like Montanas knock-up helix. Shieldbash would be great since it wouldnt have any animation locking, very responsive.

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Um in regards to the boldurdash exploding with runes of power on isn’t that only with the axe toss? I thought the tooltip said that targets hit by boldurdash take +16% dmg for 8 secs.

On the wiki? Well it doesnt say explosion (in game, but did on the wiki) but boldurdash does say it hits “enemies” in the tooltip but only seems to knock back one (into another if you land it) so even if there are multiple targets in your face it’ll only knock back one :frowning: Tooltip in game says they just take 25% more damage (from the skill itself? or from new damage sources?) and some damage over time. Which again is very underwhelming, its not really a skill for damage

So played a bit more Montana to get a feel for more differences in Charges. Wow, no wonder. Not only does Montana’s Dash not grab and lock your screen but he can continue looking around to aim his charge while using it! WHY does Boldurs charge not function like this x.x that and the better shoulder POV makes it way easier to aim. On top of this, montana’s charge does more damage. It does more damage than boldurdash even with runic power on! While being objectively easier to use in every way! A more powerful easy to use skill on a character thats supposed to be a higher complexity? Its about as better than Boldurdash is as gali’s shield toss is over Axe Toss, both of his skills are vastly inferior versions of others :frowning: So again, take that into consideration when adjusting Boldurdash. Having it function like Montana’s would help a lot, better POV, not direction locked. It also doesnt say it stuns enemies who are knocked into objects.

He does have a helix that causes it to knock up multiple targets, although I’ve never taken it.

They both do, but im just basing this as non-helix since boldurs ties into his mechanic bu i dont think montana’s does. Boldur got sloppy seconds from gali and montana skills =/

Since when is axe toss inferior to Shield toss? I disagree here. Shield toss takes valuable seconds of preparation, and even then, easy to see coming and dodge. Boldur literally does his instantly. It’s hard to dodge instant.

Besides that, @ Weyrd no one takes the knock up. It’s not a good helix

Since its more damage and a 2 second stun? Its not about seeing it coming since you dont throw it at peoples face, hard to dodge it when shes right in your face too, i found shield toss remarkably hard to miss with. Axe toss itself is just like 1 1/2 melee swings worth of damage, pretty sure it lowers your DPS if you try to work it in your rotation. So much they could do with it though.