Replay Missions?

I am wondering if Gearbox has anything planned on allowing us to to replay missions for no rewards whatsoever and just for fun. Because I would love to replay most of the missions for fun and I don’t want to reset UVHM every time I want to play a mission for fun. It would be a lovely feature in this game.

My guess would be “No”, as doing so would require significant recoding, testing and probably one or more additional patches across multiple supported platforms. GBX is likely focused on any remaining bug fixes for THC, finishing and polishing Battleborn prior to release and at least very early planning stages for Borderlands 3. I don’t realistically see GBX modifying Borderlands 2 and possibly BL: TPS to allow players to replay individual missions with or without the ability to receive a mission reward. However, replaying individual missions might be possible in Borderlands 3.

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Hopefully it will for borderlands 3 and I know it would take a lot of coding but it would be cool if they add it in. It would be an awesome surprise update just like the one in late October.

And depending on what happens in BL3 it could be bugged up the wazoo. Saints Row 2 had mission replays, and on launch it had, IIRC, 2000 bugs just in that alone, and the world didn’t even really change after missions apart from the gangs disappearing after you finish the respective story arc. So when the world did change in Saints Row 3, they said screw it and didn’t even bother to put it in. So depending on how much the world changes for BL3, mission replay could be the biggest PITA they’d have during development. Now, I know BL isn’t a sandbox game like SR is, but it might still apply. Not saying it wouldn’t be unwelcome for BL3 to have mission replay, but it sadly might not be feesable.