Report: Almost reproducible Xbox crashing... every second attempt maybe third

This evening a mate and I were farming for haunting deeley’s to go kill Cap’t Haunt.

My friend was the host of the game (both he and I have Xbox One X’s).
We were farming the bugs, along with the Lavender Crawley in the Droughts and the few other enemies near the propaganda speakers in that same area.

When we finished farming that region my mate quit the game, and I went back to the main menu as usual then went to his gamertag and selected ‘Join’.

It was then quite literally every second round of doing this farm or trying to join up with him my Xbox crashed (blanked out, Xbox icon on console flashed a few times, then a few more and then completely shut down. As I said every second at least third attempt at rejoining him my console crashed.

I just thought to report it here just in case it helps understand what’s going on.
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Yep there’s a whole thread of people asking for a fix or at least some Communication from GBX Thread is here - Any Update for fixing issue on Xbox One X?