Report function?

So are we getting it soon, there is a person that literally curse and calls others sh*ts while not doing well himself, i’ve been on team with him a few times and he ruins it for everyone else.

We need a report function.

I can relate to that, with some games with players always talking trash for the sake of just doing it, even if they are not helping out. No choice but to mute everyone. Having a system like that may sometimes result in innocents being reported, like those who soak up deaths unintentionally (beginners). It can be abused if it is not implemented as such like that of LoL and I think they have this weight system, I dunno how it works in detail. Luckily we only have voice so the trash talking does not benefit the typical keyboard samurai; it is easier to type the trash talk rather than have the guts to tell it out load - but our friend as you described had the balls to do that.