Report Request on a Steamplayer with earlier Steam Ban History

As the title says. I have faced and had this particular player on my team over the last few weeks and initially did not think much of it as he played mike a lot and his objective taking was just good.
Then I teamed up with some regulars I met ingame, we have a nice community, who both cried out in chat when he appeared on the opposing team: “not that guy, he aimbots.”

The last few weeks I did get matched with him several times and his perfomance is quite consistent with it either being really hard to shut him down, which becomes impossible if you are matched with players who are new or him carrying your team hard when he is on your team.
Usually he plays Thorn and Mike and since these are good BB’s I did not think much of it, but the last game broke the camels back: he was playing Montana and afterwards I had a tinnitus sensation in both my ears for an hour, because I kept hearing the crit sound while critburst me down regardless of distance. Early he died a few times, but he caught up by killing the more inexperienced players on our team.

He sucks the fun out of the game by turning games into a boring stomp and frustrates both veterans and new players on the opposing team; it’s also therefore bad for the game.

I asked on the reddit and some people have run into him aswell, I have requested them to report screenshots too or into that thread.

Here are the screenshots of the last game:

This is the reddit link:

I know that one should not make accusations lightly, but this has been grinding my gears for weeks and I will continue make screenshots if I run across him again. On a last note I would like to add that his Steam profile is private, but it shows he already got an earlier ban from Steam. As such I will also report this to Steam.
The Steam ID:
It now goes by a different name. Earlier he was called Lala :wink:

It would be great if Gearbox could do something about him as this type of player behaviour should not be condoned.

The MatchID was: 20160628-82420faf-d4bc-4557-8dff-595d2921dcb2 (also in the IMGUR screenshots btw)


Well just saw on Reddit that multiple people already reported him and Gearbox says they cannot do much:
That really is a bummer, because he is a killjoy for the game and I run into him quite often.

Guess I`ll just have to quite playing for the time being or the shittier option for your fellow players is to AFK. :frowning:

Was just playing with him,he would voice out tactics and what not, but he was snapping way to much and you can’t hide that with montana. Anyway here are some stupid numbers that are just insane from that match.

Yeah that’s the guy. His damage was insane, did not feel like a regular Montana hitting you; they were crits most of the time. I also noted that it was impossible to hide from him, so ambushing him was a death sentence.

It really sucks that Gearbox cannot do anything…

Really? When you perma heal him than is that normal!

I make the last week with miko 40-0 lol and 55-1 its normal lol

Battleborn Communitiy have many Kids :D.

That is anecdotal at best. I have just posted this on forums and asked around Steam and people keep stepping forward about this particular player. He seems to know the game, so I do not mind that, but he tilts the playing field in his favour with whatever software he is using to improve hit targeting precision.
More importantly it frustrates new players immensely who are already struggling learning the mechanics only to be stomped by someone who is experienced and still feels the need to cheat.

Also I kept running into him the last couple of weeks and it always plays out the same way unless we dogpile on him and that requires coordination with players who know this game.

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many player have a good aim, i think you must learn this game my friend.

Nah, the miko figured out he was hacking as well as everyone else, it’s really hard to hide it anyway, once I get finished with the shadowplay video editing, it will be clear as day, here’s the miko btw, same username

Many people Say to all, HACKER when a player are good :smiley: Thats isn a Proof.

That would be great. :slight_smile: Thanks for the effort.

I mean if it`s nothing than I will apologize, but I am fairly certain that something is not right. Will check out the link.

There’s a difference between a good player and a hacker though, usually people can spot the differences, when a montana does almost exclusive crits on Alani and other small targets from a distance when they are also moving a lot then you know something is going on.

Also look at his steam he already has a VAC on his account.

To me it’s under 60k damage with 27 kills that gives it away. Typically in order to get that many kills you have to deal a TON of damage, since players are likely to escape quite a few times. 27 kills with under 60k damage looks more like he was able to do high enough damage over a short enough time to kill people without giving them a chance to escape, and that’s not something that happens with most characters in this game.

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Either he’s not that good at cheating, or he’s not cheating every time, because when i played with him he was the one feeding the most with OM :

So yeah he still had the best score on our side but that’s not nearly enough to compensate his low minion kill as OM and his number of death. The opponent is probably the strongest team you can encounter on PC, sure. But they’re still humans.
Not playing objective + dying far more than he killed (only level 5 too), he clearly wasn’t cheating there. That or, he was really not good with his cheat. Seems to me that he’s just a player with a really good aim.
Because you know, we lost that game 500-50 or something. I seriously hope we didn’t have an aimbot as one of our teammates.