Report Wilhelm deadly Glitches

First of all, I’m not good at English so…it may be uncomfortable. I’m sorry about that. Although I’m not good at English, I really want to say this and talk to fix it please.

(1) Energize (Dreadnought tree) skill Shield Boost Glitch

Energize skill’s Shield Boost is doesn’t working! just healing only.
If you get this glitch, you have to fix it by shut down game room, and create a new game room.
Changing Items, refreshing skill points, dying and reviving, going another map …etc nothing can helps.
This Glitch also happens on ‘Holodome-Badass Round’.

(2) Sentinel and Wolf Glitch

When fight with Sentinel (Humanoid Form), Wolf goes away and doesn’t come back…
Work fine with Fallen Cheru, but not the Sentinel. even normal Sentinel too.

Thank you for watching and Please Gearbox, Fix these…

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The Sentinel glitch happened to me once. But don’t worry mate, they won’t fix these issues, they are working on Battleborn and Borderlands 3.