Report Your Bugs

This is a bug report thread, not a complaint thread. Keep it informative and civil

I’ve already experienced a few different bugs myself while playing HC:BL2 on my PS4. This is not me complaining, but just a place to post what I’ve seen and what you guys have seen also. If you can, post your console, if you’re playing BL2 or BLTPS, and what the problem is.

PS4: BL2

Salvador’s Action Skill
Some guns are not constantly firing when holding down the fire / trigger button while in Gunzerker mode. I noticed this mostly with shotguns.

General Environment

  • Enemies seem to be able to shoot through some walls as well as walk
    through some walls that they were not able to on past generation
  • The health bar of objects you can shoot to blow up (e.g.
    flammable tanks, flammable canisters) will flash from a red health
    bar to yellow health bar rapidly.

Ps4 controller vibration bug.

The vibration works fine for the first few min of gameplay but the function eventually dies after on.

Vibration gets back on once i restart the game


I’m running in to mostly enemies shooting/clipping through/getting stuck in the environment on PS4. This spiderant was stuck in this junk pile, hopping like crazy, but not going anywhere.

My PS4 copy of the game appears to not obey the PS4 “screen boundary” settings. This is apparent in 2 player vertical split screen where each of our crosshairs are just a little bit outside the dead center of the display. Also the left player’s HUD is slightly cropped off on the left hand side, and the right player’s minimap is slightly cropped on the right hand side. I have all updates installed.

Xbox One, BL2

During my encounter with Captain Flynt the game sounds completely dropped out minus guns and explosion sounds.

Also in Three Horns I came across 3 Bullymongs that were stuck in the environment (trying to come out of their hole in the rocks), they were moving around and jumping and throwing rocks just couldn’t move and the rocks they threw just disappeared.

BL:2 on X1:
The item menu and vending machines are incredibly slow.

BL:TPS on X1:
Screen tearing makes it hard to play. (I have stopped playing until fixed.)

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Adjust your HUD boumdries under video options.

Hey all- this is great. I’m passing this thread along to the team and we’ll continue to monitor.

For reference, many of these issues are being looked into currently. I don’t say that to say “stop posting about it”, in fact, the opposite. It helps a great deal to know who’s experiencing what and how wide spread an issue is. I only say it to reassure you all that we’re aware and working on it.

Anyway, as you were! Keep it coming!

For those who need it, here’s a link to submit a support request:


BL2 xbox one:
The item menu, vending machines and certain areas of game are incredibly slow

BL:TPS xbox one:
Screen tearing in everywhere

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@joekgbx Hey Joe, thanks for the reply and thanks for passing the information along. I’ve edited the original post as well just to clarify that this is a bug thread and not complaint thread, even though everyone who has posted so far seems to have done a good job.

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Borderlands 2 on PS4. The colors of the pillars above loot and also the borders around loot descriptions seem faded. Most noticeable on health kits as it looks pink instead of the normal red.

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I have the same problem, vibration doesn’t work after a few minutes into the game.

Also, this. Loot stems and cards appear much lighter in color than usual. The rest of the environment is fine.


Yup Same Here

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The Ps4 Controllers Vibration Stop Working After like 5 - 10 mins of gameplay and all vibration setting are on. so maybe theres a bug?

Do you have an image of this? I think I am experiencing the same thing but want to confirm. It is almost as if I am looking through when a coop partner opens their menu.


I’m not sure if it’ll show up properly, but here’s a quick pic. Compare the difference in the stem/card to the health meter. It’s almost pink in comparison.


Yes, this is what I am seeing also. Not a killer but certainly unexpected. Almost like they increased the brightness on dropped items.


XBONE Gold key Bug

Redeemed a shift code for 25 gold keys. The account says it was successfully redeemed, but no keys in my inventory (other than the one for starting the game). Not sure if there is anything that can be done, but figured someone else might have had this problem.

Be careful here. There are keys for BL2 and keys for BLTPS. Make sure you redeemed the keys for the game you want and you are checking the game for which you redeemed the keys.


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