Report Your Bugs

(3ternitygaming) #243

But if i were to die on the first try i would be able to enter the area again by using the lever :confused:

(Taylormayehdtech) #244

+1 for the off target firing in vertical split screen on TPS. It is WAY off. Not sure how something that bad maked it to the final release of the game.

(Lostie815) #245

While playing borderlands 2 offline on ps4, my badass rank doesn’t save. For example, I jump on starting out with 100 badass points. Then I earn another 100 points to make it 200, save and quit, and turn off my system. Later I jump back on and I’m back to 100. Character progress and story are all okay, just the badass points are reset.

This problem only happens in borderlands 2, not the pre sequel. Again, only while playing offline. I went to a friends house and played online for awhile and it worked fine.

(Siberiandivide) #246

I was somehow able to make it through the level without any sound issues, I just ran really fast past the virus enemies and avoided any vending machines.

Just funny that I ended up at a boss battle I can’t beat yet.

(KiddBeatEmUp) #247

I’ve been playing the Pre Sequel with my brother on PS4 local splitscreen and we’re all of sudden experiencing some severe input lag making the game unplayable. I tried looking up what might be causing it, but I can’t find anything. The input lag started happening around level 32 in the Claptastic Voyage add-on and is even happening outside of the add-on now. Hopefully this will be fixed because we were really enjoying Pre Sequel.

(Chitsa) #248

That’s the way it works. It just isn’t a bug for the handsome edition, that’s all. All you have to do is exit and reenter washburn.

(Mailman0105) #249

Still unable to play co-op with my friends on characters level 55+. I join the game but then get stuck on “Loading Character: sending host data” screen. My friends can see my character in their game but the Loading Character menu window never goes away, so I’m unable to move or play at all. My son and daughter as well as two of my best friends are all having this issue. We are all on xbox1.

(Tobias Lyden) #250

When I play co op I cant get my hide of terra down with one chain lightning. Works fine in single mode. Playing op8.

(Funklizard) #251

Borderlands: Pre-Sequel on PS4

In a number of menus, including the vending machine menus, the directional buttons do not work.

(Uninspired) #252

Any news on that gradually degrading audio?

Getting on my nerves when even the dialogue goes quiet.

(Not what you think) #253

ya, that audio going in and out or glitch really makes it hard to enjoy the game, especially when doing missions and you have no idea what was said, its like half the audio tracks in the presequel bug out all the time. I test it out every now and then, but just end up going back to BL2 where its no where near as bad

(Uninspired) #254

Really? It’s at it’s worse when I’m in BL2. thankfully the situation varies from a lack of footsteps/weapon sounds or soundtrack. Which is much preferable to the dialogue or enemy chatter going out entirely.

(allaboutyourtree) #255

Menu scaling in PS4 BL2 while playing split screen is way off. It needs to be scaled to the size of the split screen panel. Very aggravating to play split screen with all of the time we spend in the menus comparing gun stats and such. Please fix. Thanks!

(:}) #256

The Pre-sequel on xbox one

Split screen is zoomed in too far. The fov will change back to how it was intended if the host dies, and will go back to being zoomed in too far after they’ve finished respawning. Just weird getting used to, because I switch between the two games, and bl2’s split screen fov is better.

(synyster4294) #257

While playing Borderlands 2 on the Handsome collection while playing as Krieg I experienced the old glitch from borderlands 2 that resets your player badass rank and removes stat boosts applied to your character. Also, my heads and skins I have collected seem to have disappeared from my customization menu. It is important to note that I have installed the latest update, but have not used the cross-save function.

(Bootstrut) #258

This x100. The FOV is way off on the PS4. I took pictures to make sure I wasn’t crazy. Notice the red circles where Athena is standing and what’s in view:

The menu is also way too zoomed in for TPS. BL2 is fine.

(:}) #259

Borderlands 2 - xbox one

Audio bug during the Moxxi wedding dlc. There’s no audio. No music, and dialogue is skipped.

edit: would also like to add how annoying the “you will not earn xp beyond level 72” before entering the game is.

(spreading the love) #260

Borderlands 2 - PS4

Slag licked challenge gliched, level 1 sitting at bazillions / 5000, cannot complete it.

My BAR doesn’t actually go up (which is good because I want to keep farming BAR and keep being proud of my legitimately earned 80k rank) and I don’t get the skin at all, I’m just not able to complete stage 1 and anything past it.

Does that make my Platinum unobtainable?

Any ETA for a fix GBX?

(synyster4294) #261

Kept playing around with my menus and I noticed something as soon as I attempted to make a new character. In the upper right where your profile name should be displayed, mine was not there. Instead, the names of the playable characters would appear. I checked TPS to see if this was the same and it is not. For some reason the Borderlands 2 in the Handsome collection cannot recognize my profile, yet it recognizes my character saves and story progression.

(Twisteddesaster) #262

Borderlands Pre Sequel / PS4

Got the Legendary Laser “The longest Yard” from a drop, but the firing sound when i pull the trigger is bugged. There is no audio when i fire the weapon. The reload animation sound worked fine. I cross saved my file to PS3 and in this version of the Pre Sequel it worked. There was audio when i fired the laser on PS3. I uploaded it again to the PS4, but the audio is still bugged.