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(Mr_Matt) #263

Occasionally, when firing the vibra-pulse, there is no sound and no beam, although damage is being done where the beam would ordinarily make contact.

(:}) #264

Xbox one
Borderlands 2- Washburne refinery has too much bloom. Looks awful when I go into deception, blue robot bloom and the bloom from my weapon glowing white. Had lots of fps drops during the story, but seemed fine when I went back to kill hyperius.

Pre-sequel- I was playing in split screen and, my continuous laserbeam wasn’t coming from my crosshairs, but my brother’s, instead. :laughing:

edit: forgot word

(Mr_Matt) #265

PS4, playing TPS as Aurelia, and sometimes she spouts Gaige’s “good one” line.

(:}) #268

Xbox one- The pre-sequel

The mission “3go-tp” is unable to be finished. My brother and I are stuck at 4/5 trophies, the last doesn’t have a map marker.

(edverett2000) #269

Hey bro I have the same problem how you got a fix for this yet?

(The Sword In The Darkness ) #270

PS4: Not sure if this is a bug, but thought I’d see. So, I’ve been trying to farm a Bee and the treants in the Tiny Tina dlc have not been spawning in this one area shown. It only spawns 3 stumpys and one pixie. I remember there used to be a butt-ton that spawned there, (360 GOTY) including 2 or 3 big treants. I just wondered if they were intentionally scaled down or what.

UPDATE: After signing in a split screen mule today, they spawned like normal. Go figure.

(Oli. ) #271

im seeing a hell of a lot of loot fall through the floor in tiny tinas dlc in the forrest. i thought i was imagining the loot at first but now i know its jus vanishing. il kill the treants an see eridium an items etc fly/fall from their bodies then after ive cleared the area il go to pick it up an there will be nothing but a single white or green item there. seems a lot of stuff is falling through the floor, thats probably why ive not found a single legendary either lol. probably have but they all fell through. also this happens with enemies. a grug warlord that was 5 levels above me jus sank into the floor an vanished, i coudl still hit him for a lil while tho. he would only appear sometimes to swing the axe thing an you would jus see the top of its axe. after i ran around the area killing everything else i returned to david or woteva his name is to find the grug had returned from the depths of hell to try to kill me again.

also another thing ive noticed which never really happened in last gen in bl2 is i keep getting stuck on things like stairs, steps an rocks an stuff that i should be able to walk across or over. my character( krieg) jus gets stuck an it can often lead to me getting killed as i jus get stuck in random places that shouldnt happen instead of running or moving out the way. this also happens in tps aswell as bl2 an i think its worse in tps. i also get stuck when im too close to a wall or edge and try to jump i find i cant jump at all an have to move back a lil bit an then jump forward again. this never really happened on last gen either but the jump issue would happen sometimes in some places.

ive also noticed things like enemies shooting through walls an glitching through things an getting stuck in things they couldnt last gen.

the health bar of objects you can blow up flashing from red to yellow as already is mentioned. seems like someone couldnt decide on what colour they wanted the hp bar to be for them so went with both. but this seems to be a common issue ive had with every class in bl2 an something i noticed straight away from the first barrel i shot. i cant say i noticed it in tps but i may well be there, i cant remember tho.

vibration on guns doesnt seem to work for me at all too. ive checked its turned on etc in the menu but my controller never vibrates when i fire anymore. im not that bothered by it tho an cant say i really notice it anyway.


X1 the pre sequel 2player split screen(horizontal) FOV is to close i would prefer if it was like the borderlands 2 also i cant use the dpad to navigate inventory up/down i can but not right/left


ya i dont like what they did to it either its kinda annoying

(:}) #274

Xbox one - pre-sequel

I have pics this time! Split screen fov is zoomed in too far, it goes back to how it was intended when the host is respawning. Also included a picture of bl2’s fov for comparison, look at how much of Zer0’s hand you see compared to the first tps pic.

(Adam Scigalski) #275

PS4 presequel, bomber oz kits not working with doppleganger class, no free grenades proc ever.

(Fett) #276


We’re playing Borderlands 2 on the Xbox One using local coop split-screen, and while we’re just running and fighting etc, everything is awesome. However, whenever one of us opens up the menu (to change guns, look at the map etc), the other’s screen lags terribly, to the point where it’s almost unplayable. Once the menu is closed again everything’s fine.

I’ve looked for a solution and it was suggested to clear the cache which I’ve done (or think I’ve done anyway) but is anyone else having this problem, or know what we can do to solve it?


(Shawnofthedead420) #277

I’m having issues with “The handsome collection: TPS” on ps4. I mainly played on 1 character till it reached 70, I completed mainly challenges to get the trophy and to get my badass rank up and I received the loyalty reward of 75 key and a nice chunk of badass rank, plus I used some shift codes for 25, 5 and 3 keys… My badass rank was around 15,000 last time I checked and I planned on getting it over 50,000, but the other day I got on and it was reset to 0!!! after making a few new characters. It also took my golden keys which has me worried about putting anymore time into it or B2. So My main question is will I get my BAR and keys back and when?

(The Sword In The Darkness ) #278

PS4: Tiny Tina DLC - When fighting the Handsome Dragon, Axton’s turret goes through the bridge. It disappears beneath it, but you can still hear it scanning for enemies. You can’t see it, so you can’t reclaim it, either.

(Evo4g63t) #279

I would submit a ticket on this I’d be pissed. Hopefully they can do something for you, I know there is a bug in bl2 where the bar would reset under certain situations.

(Not what you think) #280

cant you fix it by restoring from backup, u do backup your saves to usb don’t you?
I backup saves and profile after every play, learned that along time ago on this game

(Lopezbrian953) #281

My handsome collection on the ps4 is not allowing me to change my Network Option to Online Friends Only. It will change to LAN but if i try and change it to any other option it will immediately change it back to Offline.

(Zayl 450) #282

I’m playing BL2 on the PS4 it worked great up until today when i get randomly disconnected from the friend i was playing with. It boots me back to the main menu but now it says i’m offline and will not connect back to the internet. now i know its not my internet connection as i’m talking with my friend in the chat party we made.

(Below 9000) #283

I crashed the game by pressing the touchpad right at the start of a cut scene. I’d just defeated the badassasaurus and levelled up, so I automatically pressed the pad to spend my skill point.

Had to kill the giant metal turd again…

(Shawnofthedead420) #284

I have been looking for a way to submit one, but I cant find it on here and another gearbox support page is saying the password is wrong but its the same I use to log in here