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(Shawnofthedead420) #285

LAst night I was using another account I use for storage and after dropping my low level weapons for a new char I noticed the BAR was reset on there too!!! Was 9000 now 0… At least it was a dummy account

(SwaTdante) #286

since yesterday i have a strange bug (borderlands 2 ) i first get a framerate drop and then i can keep picking up ammo even wen my ammo is full + my char can ben killed easy just a few shot on him ( even wen i 'm 8 lvls higher then my enemy ) + i do considerably les damage to any enemy ( normaly i could 1 shot a lvl 30 but now i need to fire atleast 10 shots )
and wen i restart my ps4 its al good again but thats only for about 30 min then the bug reappears
help plz my game is almost unplayable + dont like being killed by a lvl 30 enemy wen im 38

(vanisheDsaRah) #287

PS4 BL:TPS - Crosshair when using the sniper rifle playing vertical split screen is off center no matter how you adjust the HUD. Sprinting speed is incredibly slow sometimes. Cannot use the Dpad when in any menu, except shops, but when using the Dpad in the shop it scrolls through your inventory instead of the shop items. I know these don’t seem like that big of a deal, but my husband and I play together vertical split screen and it makes it impossible to play since he loves to snipe. I really hope these can be fixed, we LOVED playing TPS on PS3

(Veritas7 Ax) #288

I’m going to put in a ticket/request for this one but I’m gonna post it here too. I only noticed this yesterday, but for some reason, my 170ish Golden Keys are all gone.

They were there at one point, I was even redeeming codes to add on, used maybe like 10, then stopped. A few days later (yesterday), I noticed it said I only had 1. I tried reloading, switching characters, making sure it was connected to SHIFT, and so on. No good. My keys are all gone.

Anyone have this happen or know what may have caused it?

(LootHunter_twitch) #289

Myself and @DomNation were having a run at Terramorepoo the other night and the swing gate closes once one person had dropped down and locks the other out. if you die and run round it’s still locked. (PS4)

Also: Hyperious still has a stupid glitch when upon party dying he doesn’t reset, meaning you have to leave Washburn or Quit/Restart game.

So that’s now 2 RAID bosses that are pointless even bothering with.

(Ggvic) #290

Borderlands 2 (BL: THC Xbox One)

  1. Controller Rumble / Vibration: Rarely ever works.
  2. Screen Tearing: Frame rate issues, especially in co-op games.
  3. Random selective sound suppression: Some sound effects and dialogue remains but most other sound is randomply lost, especially in co-op games.
  4. Inconsistent Quit & Save Functionality: Loot lost or reappeared in Vault or Backpack when returning to game after quitting and saving.

*** I’m not the only one experiencing these issues. My co-op teammates have experienced them all as well.

Existing Bugs / Issues as of 4/28
(Witness me!!!) #291

I’ve been having problems with controller vibration on my PS4 version. It won’t stop unless I’m in a menu or fast travelling. I’ve even turned off vibration from shooting in the options and my controller still constantly vibrates.

(Ggvic) #292

That’s crazy. Is it constant vibration regardless of what weapon(s) you have equipped? Also is it constant vibration intensity or does it vary?

(Witness me!!!) #293

It is constant no matter what is equipped, and at a constant intensity. Sometimes it will go off-and-on when I’m in Sanctuary, like early in the game when Hyperion launces air attacks and you can feel them hit the shield, but I’m far enough into the game that Sanctuary is out in the Highlands and is not under attack. It frustrated me to the point of ending my gameplay only a few minutes after starting it last weekend.

(engineer, gemini, geek) #294

What if you turn it off from the PS4 proper?

Settings > Devices > Controllers > Enable Vibration uncheck the box

I think you can get to these same options if you hold down the PS button.


(Below 9000) #295

Had an interesting one last night. Got to the Warrior at the end of Normal mode, and my brother’s character glitched out and was unable to move or do anything. This was after he respawned - he just got stuck at the New-U.

He had to leave the game and load back in to get his character moving again. [PS4]

(Spacebat1999) #296

My baddass rank has reset itself to 0

I was a level 57 when it happened and had just short of 18,000 in badass rank points.
I have clocked over 150hrs of gameplay and have just started on UVH.

I put a ticket in on Sunday night when it happened and pretty much havent been able to play it since.

I have had one reply to my incident ticket and to be honest the level of customer support on this matter is a bit poor to say the least!
I see it has been an issue for others aswell so what can we do about it?
Im playing through with 3 of my friends and trying to keep up with them now is hard.

Any suggestions?

(Guardian Angelico) #297

I got some extremly horrible sound tearing.
We’re playing on XBone, THC-TPS: Claptastic Voyage, and in the Cortex area - splitscreen. Whenever we kill a “Glitch”-mob the sound start cutting out, the more we kill the worse it get untill the point where the game is 100% unplayable… This must be fixed if the games is intended for anyone else than the deaf…

(Deadorb1t) #298

Still the Bugs in Deathtrap for Gaige the Mechromancer need to be fixed. A lot of people posted about these bugs, but no update since. Deathtrap derps out still (a lot). Don’t get me wrong, i love Gaige the Mechromancer, but if those bugs could be fixed would be Awesome~!

(Neptune Purple Heart) #299

On the Xbox One of Borderlands TPS me and my friends cant join each other with our lvl 60 or lvl 70 classes and we can only join each other games with our low level classes and the issue is when we get the loading the character on our screen and it does not load up our 60 lvl or 70 lvl classes what so ever

(Ggvic) #300

What ya mean derps out? I play Mechromancer and hadn’t read of Deathtrap bugs…

(Witness me!!!) #301

I wanted to try that but couldn’t find the option til you commented! That worked to stop the vibration, thanks!!

(Growltiger) #302

XboxOne: The Pre-Sequel
Map: Sub-subconscious
Issue: Audio and sub-titles stop
All audio and sub-titles stop. This occurred for me as I approached the area where the mission “The Sum of Some Fears” is given. I checked the mute/un-mute on my sound system: no go. I tried using head-phones attached to the XboxOne Controller: no go.

(Vasconezdan) #303

Having the same problem as a lot of other. When playing couch co-op B:TPS vertical split screen aiming down the sights the reticule is off center to the left while the shot hits to the right. Tried reloading game, using different weapon/character and it seems to be persistent, but it is just happening to me not P2. Very frustrating to play. Also not sure if this is meant to be a bug or not but when I play solo I can use my directional pad to move my inventory left/right but in co-op I have to use my analog stick. Not a huge issue but it is annoying especially since BL2 did not have that issue. This is all on the PS4 btw.

(Rimax) #304

i put the first colorblind mode on and it makes all the colors very rich. Helps a ton to spot loot.