Report Your Bugs

(Deadorb1t) #305

Well it seems that Deathtrap uses restore shield on enemies use his Stare Laser at you (don’t do damage, but still). He seems to hang in a lace sometimes with moving into action and engaging the enemies. Just some things, biggest bug is the Buck Up.

(Griminal) #306

When playing split screen on PS4 it has happened quite often that the game freezes when one person is respawning, mostly when a lot of stuff is going on (eg during a bossfight, many enemies, explosions etc). The music will keep playing but the screen freezes and we have to close the application completely and start over. I saw that this happens to more people, and I hope this will be addressed.

(Vash Sevrem) #307

Losing all gear in backpack on loading of game and going to shops. Had a full backpack went to store sold 1 item then screen snapped and everything was gone. Playing offline for my problems, wife joins my game and then she losses everything at random times. lan-only. The Handsome collection The Pre-Sequel PS4.

(Ggvic) #308

We need ETAs. Real ETAs. “Near future” and “soon” doesn’t cut it, especially when it’s said for weeks…

(:}) #309

Xbox one- pre sequel

During the mission “Lock and Load”, the loader rack got stuck after going past the barrier to be loaded into the moonshot.

(Shadow Wolf 02Phil ) #310

A badass challenge “Slag-licked” (Elemental) is bugged for me.

It reads: LV 1 – 1536372236 / 5000

I am unable to complete this level 1 challenge. I own the Borderlands Handsome Collection for the PlayStation 4.

(Not what you think) #311

Several of us have the same problem, besides the slaglick one, I also have same issue with set the world on fire on just one character, others are fine, I had completed all these on the PS3 version, but seems to have reset the levels after transfer on those two, it shows totol at level one, but never shows a highter level, just keeps adding to level one totol. anyone know if theres any way to fix this, or are we still waiting to see if GB is going to fix it, gets annoying always showing up and keeping me from completing these challenges for my trophy

(:}) #312

Xbox one - Pre-sequel

Meat Head’s unique smg “Meat Grinder” falls through the floor if he’s killed inside his house.


borderlands pre-sequel X1 claptrap DLC first there are certain areas were you can go through walls/floor but i don’t remember where. Second the waypoint disappeared on a side quest and story mission and i cant continue the mission unless i leave the area and go back or quit game


pre-sequel x1 claptrap DLC in the Subconscious level were you have to chase shadow trap the audio get distorted and cuts out completely but if that wasn’t enough the game freezes soon after

(shamroxx81) #315

Here’s one for the Handsome Collection on PS4.

I was trying to work on the Challenge Accepted trophy, and realized that all of my elemental challenges are bugged. I found a couple of threads where others are having the same issue, and thought I’d link them here in case someone can offer some assistance. I’ve checked to see if the number on the left hand side of my challenge screen was increasing at all like some suggested in these threads, but my numbers aren’t moving at all. I’m also having the repeating slag-licked challenge mentioned in the second thread.


@joekgbx or @Jeffybug I’m having this issue where slag licked is stuck at lv 1 and increases in numbers but never gets completed. I pretty much have to do it on this character as well cuz I can’t buy 2 items with Eridium on my lv 72 characters since I prestiged.

Can this be fixed via SHiFT or hot fix? I do want to get this trophy.

(Influencer Guy) #317

I’ll pass this along for you right now. :smile:


Awesome, thanks a lot! :smile:

(Shadow Wolf 02Phil ) #319

As per my post above. The Slag-licked challenge bug fixed itself for me while fighting the Wilhelm Robot boss (Borderlands 2 / Handsome Collection / PS4) on Ultimate mode with a friend.

I was just gunzerking with my Slag Sand Hawk and Infinity Pistol and the Slag-licked challenges 1-5 unlocked?

I have no explanation how it fixed itself but it has :slight_smile:

(:}) #320

Xbox one - pre-sequel

The mission where you collect the putti for z8n-tp: mission can stuck and will not progress after you give him the putti, save and quitting fixed it.

(Deftones034) #322

thats normal for absorb shields. Not Glitched

(PSNid: Chadasaurus_Rex | Hit me up for NVHM or TVHM | Farming or Questing) #323

Regarding PS4 BL2:
Just started tonight,
The game locks up at the main menu when trying to “Find New Content”
After some time, I get thrown into Offline Mode and get the check connection dialog.
Sometimes the game gets stuck on the check connection dialog and I am forced to quit the application however when I attempted to quit, it locked up my PS4 completely and wouldn’t allow a normal shutdown/restart. I had to unplug completely to recover from this.

Has happened twice now. Going to try to restart my network devices but just thought it was odd considering I’m on this forum posting w/out issue. Weird right?

(Deftones034) #324

sounds like your missing a patch try hard reset and starting again

(PSNid: Chadasaurus_Rex | Hit me up for NVHM or TVHM | Farming or Questing) #325

Yup, just following up. Did some A+ 101 stuff.
I shutdown my PS4 and toggled the power to my network access devices and resolved the issue
Thought I just post this occurrence here in case anyone runs into a similar scenario and needs ideas