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(roxasdesperado) #326

there’s a bug when after completing certain objective for a trophy, the trophy will not pop instantly for a couple minute, and sometimes DID NOT pop at all, for example :

this is my borderlands 2 trophy, as you can see the " i can see my house from here" trophy didn’t pop all, even after i completed the mission and the main campaign, not only the bug exist in the main campaign but also in other DLC campaign like captain scarlett’s campaign, any help would be appreciated.

i’m sorry if my english bad

(Chris Addison) #327

I have been having the same problem with the ninja on the PS4, for some reason once when I died the gun I was using just disappeared from my inventory.
Then it happened again with the other gun dissapearing from my inventory when I teleported to sanctuary.

(Chris Addison) #328

Having similar problem but on BL2 where the weapon I was using after died or teleported back to sanctuary would dissapear from the equipped inventory slot after I re-materialized from the respawn machine. (PS4)

(Theman1349) #329

I’m having an issue where I’m not playing online or any type of co-op but I’m still picking up ammo for weapons that I am currently carrying the max amount for. I also have zero vibration even with all my settings for it turned on during the game. Im playing bl2 on the ps4 and I have the digital copy if that matters


Bl2 ps4: no controller vibration on Gaige, but switched to zero and it worked. Issues wit online (says check my connection over and over when I’m clearly online), game kept crashing when joining a friend, audio cut out for most sound (everything except people’s voices), might be forgetting some others but I’ll edit when I start playing here in a few min.

(Alucard964) #331

I am also seeing the 3 player split screen marker issue. Really hard to help others find you when the markers are off. Weird that it’s only 3 player. Maybe the fix could be the same as minecraft and just give everyone a 4th of the screen. Leave the last 4th black.

(Alucard964) #332

Regarding ammo not telling you that you are full:
I have seen that with Gaige, Maya, and Sal as well. I’m thinking it’s everyone since this was only an issue for the host of the game in the PC versions of BL2 and TPS. With split screen, I guess they are all considered the host so you have the issue on all players.

(Vitiosus) #333

In splitscreen if one player is portaling to the revive point and the other player gets a second wind the game locks up. Happened 3 times in the same session.

(Not what you think) #334

Patch coming tomorrow, looks like a lot of fixes. Hope it fixes things and doesn’t create other issues, lets hope. Still didn’t see any mention of the Elemental Challenges that are glitched, Any word on those @Jeffybug

(Neptune Purple Heart) #335

The quest 3GO-TP in Claptastic Voyage is not showing the trophies on the map and this only happens when I play on UVHM, the quest works fine on Normal mode and TVHM, I’m playing on Xbox One

(Bodie B) #336

if you go to the area with hyperius or master gee wen they are unlocked to fight…it opens the 4 player mode …and that is how you can tell is wen you can pick up ammo that’s full…it goes away when you restart…this is the one glitch i hope they never fix…make fighting vermivorous solo actually feasible

(Bodie B) #337

that is normal…its always been like that is multiplayer games…solo is only when it tells you your ammo is full

(Growltiger) #338

Xbox One: Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

Problem report regarding ‘Lunar Launching Station’ challenges.

In a previous game session I had completed both challenges. On restart I found that ‘Finish Him’ was reset with zero power suits destroyed. I proceeded to complete the challenge and received credit for it (the UI displays challenge complete). If I check the challenge listing I see it is complete but now ‘Tread Carefully’ is unchecked with a zero state.

What gives? Have the state of these challenges become mutually exclusive (i.e., the player can only have one complete but never the other)?

This is post the 18 May 2015 patch.

(Reisyn) #339

Problem regarding snipers in TPS HJC.

The sight and the bullet do not match up. Upon looking closer it seems that the sight is offset a bit but the bullet is moving from the correct location. We are using vertical split screen mostly but i have also noticed it in single player.

(fieryice61) #340

I only play presequel split screen. And right now it has super bad lag anytime I go into to any menu. It did not do this before the update. But its so ridiculously bad that I don’t want to play this because neither I or my gf can even look in our menu or at a machine without god awful lag for yourself in the menu and for the other person.
Please fix this immediately cause this update broke the game… I’d rather not be shooting on the center target for my lasers than this lag right now

X1 presequel

(Jbryangrayco) #341

I just got the game (yes, I’m a late comer) and I’ve had the same issue, only worse. If I hit a vending machine, the game essentially locks up. Every fifteen seconds or so, there will be a frame or two of movement and then it freezes again. I have to do a hard restart to get out of it. Even if I don’t use the machine, the audio gradually deteriorates until it is just slow fragments. Only way I got through that part of the game was to mute the sound, avoid vending machines, and hope nothing locked up randomly. This is the only place that’s done it. Not sure how to fix it, since it’s on the One, not a PC. Have you continued having the issue?

(Jbryangrayco) #342

Same exact issue here. Played it for the first time today and had to do a hard restart to unfreeze the game. Only got through it by avoiding vending machines and playing with no volume. Rest of the game seems fine. Makes me nervous 'cause there doesn’t seem to be a fix for it. Have you been able to get through that part later on with no issues? I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish the DLC.

(Mcconn13) #343

Playing THC: TPS on Xbox One in vertical split-screen While the game itself plays much better with no tearing, sniper issue fixed, and better frame rate, there are still issues.

When going into your menus the game frame rate drops very low, not sure of the numbers though. It is rather severe at times and makes the process of inventory management a real chore. This particular issue happens in both single and co-op.

Also there is a small area on the split-screen line about 1/4 the way up the screen that is doubled in pixels. This does not appear to be on any consequence.

Also, after hitting a cryo vine and then quickly jumping into a vehicle the cryo slow down persists until one hits another cryo vine. This particular issue happens in both single and co-op.

Just thought I would report these before I forget about them.

Keep pushing the game forward please.

Thank you.

(Mark) #344

XBox One BL2

Still finding some bad frame rate issues and screen tearing at certain places.
Frostburn, Sanctuary and Washburn Refinery in particular.

Horrible juddering and tearing interspersed with 2 secs of smooth frame rate - Odd?

Maybe it’s connected to accessing Live or Shift during gameplay (background stuff) … Can’t explain
why I think that, it just seems odd that it pulses between ok and tearing then ok again.
I have also noticed that when BNK-3R dies there is judder when he does his final tremolo low moan.

Oasis still has that horrible “metal tank” reverb effect on Scarlet’s ship and in the refinery making the speech
difficult to discern as well as just being terrible.

Hope that made sense and is helpful.

The Forrest in Tina’s DLC too (tearing)

(:}) #345

I’ve only gotten that glitch in the claptastic dlc, I think it was in the sub-subconscious? It’s seems to have been fixed in the update, though.