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(Not what you think) #346

ya, they might have made a patch for the audio in splitscreen, But what about a patch for audio in Single player mod, its still really bad in places on PreSequel


for me it happens when i get to the crazy stairs(i don’t know what else to call it) but that was before the update i don’t know now haven’t played the DLC in a while because stupid Megatron(shadow trap 2nd form) is hard to beat.

oh and when it froze on me i just went to the dashboard(i didn’t exit the game) waited a couple seconds and it unfroze, i don’t know if that works on ps4 because I’m on Xbox1

(Hector1gabriel) #348

I keep having this problem where it says please check your cables and configurations since the day I bought the game and I haven’t been able to play because I can’t play online and every time I tried to play solo the loading screens takes like 20minutes per screen (not even exaggerating)

(Jbryangrayco) #349

After about an hour of frustration, I finally beat the bosses and went back to finish the remaining side missions. I discovered that in my situation, the audio loss and video slow-down happens gradually over time anywhere in “Subconscious” if I’m there long enough. I tried exiting to dashboard many times, but when I came back, the situation was exactly the same.

I also found out that once the audio goes haywire, the game can start to lock up without going to a vending machine. When I complete a mission and I’m offered my reward, it freezes for about 5-10 seconds; even worse, if I open my inventory to sort through weapons, it locks up for about 10 seconds in random spurts. It took me almost two minutes to drop two guns and add one.

Very unfortunate, as the DLC has some pretty good content and side missions that I missed or had to plow through because I was worried about another permanent freeze that would require me to restart my soundless, glitchy journey through Subconscious. It’s a head-scratcher though, as no one else seems to have my exact symptoms. I would assume anyone on an Xbox One would have the same issues. There aren’t that many variables between systems…

(Mark) #350

XBox One BL2 (THC)

A couple of other things …

Don’t know if this is a bug or just a bad design choice but the really annoying pixie/fairy thing in the forest
in Tina’s DLC can end up stuck on your head preventing any movement. You can look and shoot (although
shooting is blocked by it’s hitbox) but until it moves you can’t go anywhere!

Also when quit and saving it took a while and then I got the message
“the game you are trying to join doesn’t have enough room for all active players” … or something very close to that.
I was playing solo. So, no idea where that came from.

Still getting odd screen tearing and dropped frames.

None of which is game breaking … but it’s not great.

(Lopezbrian953) #351

Over the past week I’ve had a gamebreaking glitch that freezes my game when the game autosaves. Walking by a New U Station always makes me nervous because i know it will freeze my game. This glitch has made Borderlands 2 practically unplayable for me, and it only started happening after i downloaded the last update for the game.

(Below 9000) #352

I had this one yesterday on PS4; it was really weird. I though the game had locked up but no, it was a fairy taking a dump on my head. After a few minutes it moved on.

(Pajama Dad) #353

Playing multiplayer splitscreen with my sons on xbox one. The mission to enter concordia locked when not all four of us (or because 3 of us?) entered the decontamination unit. Now the door from Nina to the city will not open and progress cannot be made.

(Jo Ro) #354

In TPS on PS4 single-player, every time I go into the Claptastic Voyage DLC and go to the “Claptrap’s Subconscious” area, the game stutters and the audio will cut out around the crazy stairs part. It seems especially worse when I try to look at one of the vending machines. It’s like the whole game wants to come crashing down, lol. After leaving the vending machine, the game will come back to normal in most cases. However, a few times the audio stayed muted and the game crashed one other time. This is even after the newest patch and on single-player.

Also, it’s not a big deal, but I noticed what looks like a “dead pixel” when I’m looking through my inventory, bank, or vending machines sometimes. It’s just kind of weird. Like halfway down the list of my weapons, there’s this small square spot just sitting there no matter what I select or do. Nothing game-breaking, but it’s something I noticed.

Lastly, I just want to say that I love these games so much and to keep up the great work! Oh, and thanks for finally fixing Legendaries to a reasonable drop rate! :smile:

(Pajama Dad) #355

Xbox one, presequel, when first loading the game up selecting anything on the menu (new game, extras, etc) acts as if continue was selected.


I’m playing the Handsome Collection, the Pre-Sequel, on the PS4, specifically Claptastic Voyage, and I’ve been encountering a lot of problems. The game has frozen completely on me multiple times, usually (Perhaps coincidentally) when I use the boost jump, but it’s done it several times while fighting 5H4D0W-TP. And during the mission The Sum of Some Fears, the audio dropped out entirely, as well as the subtitles. I’ve noticed some glitching audio, prior to that, but kind of assumed it was part of the game, but when it dropped entirely, that was my clue something was wrong. Hope this helps improve the game.

(rjsowter) #357

Trying to complete ‘a new direction’ on TPS but getting to the gate won’t activate the waypoint, it’s a GAME BREAKING GLITCH that won’t let me progress to red belly while playing TVHM

(:}) #358

Xbox one, The Pre-Sequel.

Is the pre-sequel’s split screen fov ever going to get fixed? >.>

edit: forgot to mention I was talking about the fov

BL:THC Hot Fixes Rolling Out (Updated 1/25/2016)
(Arbs 20) #359

This isn’t a bug, but a problem for me on PS4 (don’t know about XB1):

When I play splitscreen on Borderlands: The Pre-sequel on PS4 with my brother, we both noticed the FOV is messed up. When we got into combat, we would have to look around to shoot at them (especially enemies in the air). This gave my brother a headache and within a hour, he gave up and said that he won’t play on splitscreen until Gearbox fixes the FOV. The only fix for this problem as of now is if I reinstall the game files on my disc and cancel the update.

Here’s the FOV pre-patch:

I don’t have an image for post-patch, but the FOV is zoomed in to where you can barely see your gun.

Please fix the FOV Gearbox as it was pre-patch. BLTPS on splitscreen is just horrible and unplayable.


Can’t play TPS online right now, keeps saying I’m not connected to PSN and check network cables/configuration. Ps4

(LEONHART7676) #361

Hey guys, I know the rate at which Michael Mamaril on BL2 is about 10 percent-8 percent but, I have been farming to try and find him even once for the achievement for about 6 days and still nothing and I know where he spawns so I should have gotten him by now right? I know also a few other people that have hit level 72 and still haven’t found him either on the Xbox One. So is this normal on the BHC or is this an issue? Maybe its just me but I think perhaps this is an issue dealing with the internal memories or the caches of the One interfering with his spawns.

Also, had many problems with entering my shift codes. I submitted a ticket and found that the Xbox One’s cache makes problems with connectivity and you must reset the console by holding the power button till it completely turns off, then unplug the power from the console, wait a few minute then plug it back in. Once this is done, it should be fixed if not, then do the process another time then add a reset in the power and options menu. Maybe this will help some others.

(:}) #362

Xbox one - the pre-sequel.

Two Lazlos :laughing:

yes, I had to kill both.

(Astro Creep) #363

Claptastic voyage bug

This is probably he 30th time today that the Shadowtrap boss (first fight) continues to freeze. It has relentlessly frozen over and over again before I can defeat the first version of Shadowtrap. It either freezes in the wave right before him or during he fight with him. Please help as I have left the map and came back, restared and everything else I can think of. No freeze problems anywhere else. Thank you.

(iBooOfSweden) #364

I can’t believe it! Mine freezes too! Some days it’s all good, and other days it freezes every 10 minutes! What can it be?
Never had any problem with the other BL games nor the DLCs, but the TPS is just messed up. Where they in a hurry to launch the game? Even though, it has been soon a year since the release, shouldn’t all the problems been solved?

Asus Formula VII

All drivers up to date!

(Not what you think) #365

doubt any of this ever gets fixed, GB has a tendancy to only concentrate on the things that bring them money in, and lets face it, this game was shipped messed up, and still is. I havnt played the presequel for months cause of the bugs, i do still play the BL2 thow, its not as messed up. i have lost all faith in GB anymore, and when it comes to listening to Pitchford throw his pitch, i just change the channel