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(Chitsa) #366

TPS over the last two days of game play has started to freeze (ps4). i had felicity rampant freeze solid three time when near 25% health. tycho rib mobbing froze once, and bombed out to crash report twice. i was only killing seru.

i was playing offline at these times.

game also froze solid when attempting to use jump pad for zapped3.0.

so out of about 7 crashes only two crash reports ever got generated for sony.

never seemed to fall over like this previously.

(Evo4g63t) #367

I haven’t had any freezing however I haven’t played much since that large patch since I was kind of burned out of BL. I’m back at it again and I am hoping I don’t run into this issue.

Is this exclusive to bl presequel or is bl2 affected as well? Does this happen online or offline?

(Chitsa) #368

I haven’t done a lot of bl2 atm, but no problems with dp runs this morning. tps froze in helios maintinence on using air lock. and i wss just doing a normal mode run.

(Skookum) #369

The issue of not being able to start tvhm (getting stuck after the moonshot) seems to be a regular thing but I can’t seem to find any fixes, except for the pc that is. How is this an issue? The game has been out for far too long for this to be an actual problem. How can this be sorted on console?


Claptastic Voyage on ps4: did the mission “The Sum of Some Fears” and the audio cut out. Came back when I left Subconscious and traveled to the Cortex.


Another one for Claptastic Voyage on ps4: the mission EGO-TP cannot be completed. With Athena, only two of his trophies appeared in Motherlessboard, and now there are no more objective markers (she’s stuck at 2/5). With Claptrap, none of them are there.

(Nagdabbitall) #372

The 3 race cars on the Hodunk Speedway just won’t come out together. I’ve done it about 6 times on HC and 2 come out and 1 gets stuck, bangs ariund inside the garage, but comes out eventually.

Moxxi gives the Bad Touch, but glitches and won’t give out the Good Touch. She gives out empty handed if you continue tipping after getting the BT. I’ll quit and retry and she gives out another Bad Touch. I’ll try again some period later and she finally will cough up the Good Touch.

Getting a lot of freezes in TPS especially in the DLC.

(Blawsonhull) #373

Xbox One: Claptastic voyage sub-subconscious, the sound starts glitching out like crazy and if you talk to vending machines enough times you can perma-freeze your game. This is the only zone in the ENTIRE GAME that is doing this to me, and it fixes itself if you zone out of there.

Claptastic voyage sub-subconscious did NOT do this for me on Xbox 360. This seems to be an Xbox One issue.

(Guardian Angelico) #374

“Xbox One: Claptastic voyage sub-subconscious, the sound starts glitching out like crazy and if you talk to vending machines enough times you can perma-freeze your game. This is the only zone in the ENTIRE GAME that is doing this to me, and it fixes itself if you zone out of there.”

This has been reported from day one, why is this not fixed yet!? Can we get some sort of respons on this? Are you working on it, has support been dropped on it? Any respons will be appreciated…




  • Transferred Jack from PS3. Lost all of his obtained heads and skins
  • Joining through Matchmaking causing game to crash (sometimes)

(Derelictus) #376

THC: The Pre-Sequel on XBox One.
Playing Claptrap DLC. Everytime I run through the Sub-Subconscious the audio glitches terribly. First experienced during Sum of Some Fears mission, went back on subsequent runs. Always glitches in this area, gets worse as you travel through area, Vending machines and opening player menu exacerbate the problem. Playthrough was so bad I had to search YouTube for the mission to have any clue what I did.

Please let there be a fix soon, or at least offer up a download code so we can play it on the 360 version.

Combined with the Multiplayer matchmaking issues, I wish I had just purchased the season pass on my 360 and saved $40…


I totally regret ever buying that Season Pass

(Lpizarro93) #378

Skin Bug.

The problem is simple: I buy/achieve a skin. I unlock it. It is not in the skin machine. This happens to Nisha but not Athena. I can’t unlock any skins for Nisha, they just don’t appear. This is the Handsome Jack collection, Pre-Sequel

Game Crashing.

This happens either with BL2 or Pre-Sequel on the Handsome Collection. We’re just playing fine shooting people and the game crashes. The game is new and I have read countless of threads about the game crashing after some update.

Gearbox should definetly fix this if they want to keep their customers.


BL2 PS4: Slag licked challenge still going off a lot, especially when fighting Pyro Pete.

Pre Sequel PS4: Sidequest EGO-TP in Claptastic Voyage cannot be completed. You’re supposed to collect 5 trophies for him, my game is stuck at 0/5 with no icons on the map for them. Any word on this yet? Thanks.


Another one for TPS on ps4: when I die and respawn, I’m unable to move aside from jumping. I can jump, shoot, swap weapons, just about everything except walk forward. Happened two or three times so far.

(Kashatka) #381


Everytime i open the game, be it BD2 or pre sequel, at the login screen, i get a ridiculous ammount of badass ranks.
Im now standing at 50%+ stats on both games. Fun, but i dont believe it is intended and i dont want to be banned or whatnot for “hacking” or watever.

Unless this is normal !?

(Influencer Guy) #382

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(AkMateo) #383

I know this is old but my friend and i were playing split screen and he save and quit and when he loaded up his characters they were all gone and replaced by 8 versions of a lvl 30 psyco, which was the one he was playing as. Same thing happened to me too. All of mine were replaced by 9 levle 72 gunzerkers, which was the one i was playing with. We both lost 4 characters each. Has anyone else expierienced this?


Was playing BL2 in Normal Mode with good low level fellas in the Wildlife Preserve.

The game crashed in the middle of fight with skags after finding Bloodwing’s feather.

The manner of the crash went like this:

  • Suddenly “Saving Game. Please wait do not turn off console blabla…” box appeared
  • Soon after it popped, PS4 game crashed report appeared and sent me back to dashboard

I got freaked out as the game was seemed to be saving, but luckily no data was corrupted.

(Influencer Guy) #385

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