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(Thehorror13) #406

After the latest update ps4 deleted Hansdsome collection from my system. Had to re-download/install the game. Now i don’t have any dlc’s. and I have lost all weapons from the dlc’s :frowning: What can i do to fix this??? Desperately in need of help…

(Oliver Wicks) #407

That’s a known but rare bug with the PS4 itself which has been around since the 2.00 Firmware arrived, it happened to me once just after I bought the game last Summer so I had to reinstall everything, though I didn’t lose any items. The only way to recover your missing items is to ensure you have the latest patch installed then restore a save file backup from either an external USB drive or from the PS+ Save File Cloud. If you don’t have any backups then you’re screwed I’m afraid and will have to re-earn every item from scratch :frowning:.

(R3ck73ssh311) #408

On the Xbox One Handsome Collection, the character’s sound files are mixed. For example, I am playing as Kreig currently and he is talking in the robot characters voice from the Pre-Sequal. Also, the mechnancer talks in another persons voice too. Is there a way to fix this?

(Oliver Wicks) #409

I’ve noticed the same thing but to a lesser extent because for some reason, Athena sometimes sounds like Aurelia :frowning:. This problem will need a patch to fix because the problem is in the code itself.

(One Eyed Jackie) #410

Spooky skins bug on PS4, have shift code and reward in my extras, says I’ve redeemed them but doesn’t give the skins to any of my characters.

( #411

I downloaded the games (Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel), and I transferred the game saves from both of them from my xbox 360 to my xbox 1. I tried to download my Cloud Saves but it wouldn’t work. I went to “Download Character” and it said “There are no online saved games. Upload a game before downloading.” I’ve heard that I needed to download an update for the game via the downloadable section of the game, but I can’t even access that portion either. Is there something I’m missing or I’m not doing right? I’d really like to be able to play as the characters I worked so hard to make. Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

(Oliver Wicks) #412

To be able to use the Cross-Save Cloud, both copies of the game must be patched to the latest version before you can upload or download save so ensure you have the latest patch installed on both consoles before trying. There is no DLC to enable this feature so I don’t know where you heard that but it’s wrong, this feature was patched in just before the Handsome Collection was released.

(Drop Dead Artemus) #413

On Xbox One, my wife and I are still unable to join each others’ games on Borderlands 2. It seems to be a common occurrence from what I’ve seen on the forums. It just goes to a timeout splash screen when we try to join.


Just lost my Badass Ranks and my unlocked skins & heads :cry: . I don’t know how but I quit and save…

(Jhhoward3) #415

On PS4, Borderlands 2, my player 2 guest did not get credit for completing the Breaking the Bank optional mission in Lynchwood, despite us completing it together. It continues to prompt her to turn it in when she looks at her list of missions, but when we go to the board in Lynchwood, the prompt to turn it in doesn’t appear.

(Cole) #416

More sound glitches. Xbox one, borderlands 2. When in the Tundra Express, static electricity is constantly heard nonstop from an electric gate. When it is shut off, it is still heard from anywhere in the map. Also, I don’t know if it is supposed to be like this, but Elpis is waaaay brighter than it was on the Xbox 360, as if it were like the sun.

(WarriorCelt1314) #417

New here and not sure if I am doing this correctly.

One bug I have been experiencing is in farming Savage Lee. In the area where Corporal Reiss dies Savage Lee spawns and fights several bullymongs. Six separate times Savage Lee jumped into the air and just kept going. He disappeared from the map. Once a bullymong leaped up after him. The bullymong eventually landed back on the map, Lee never did.

(Flaymerhart) #418

Nothing major problem-wise or anything, and can’t seem to find anyone mention it, but the “Grants immunity to electrocute damage” text has two full stops.


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(Mahsira) #420

I would like to report a bug located at Arid Nexus -Boneyard ,which it happens when you drive the vehicle into the slag pool, the slag effect doesn’t fade way if you get off the vehicle immediately. You can hear the slag sound loop plays over and over again. And this bug remain evenwhen the player travels to different map, and it also can be stacked multiple time ,making the player extremely vulnerable.

The normal damage done by Spiderling (the sheild damage)

After few stacks of slag effect

About 10 stacks of the effect, the spiderling can easily tear through the player’s shield and hp

(Chasecarter21) #421

I just bought Handsome Collection. When playing BL2 multiplayer (at home not online) claptrap gets stuck/glitch. Right after you dig him out of the snow on the first level and go to look for his eye, he walks through a crashed spaceship thing and gets stuck. He just keeps walking into the wall. The game will not advance. This only happens when we play multiplayer. It works fine on single player. Any suggestions??

(paintchipz) #422

I am still having a glitch between characters on the Handsome Edition on PS4. With both my Slag-Licked and “I just want to set the world on fire” Challenges. I completed it with my Gaige then switched to my Maya to play and after awhile of gaming I got the challenges for both even though I had previously achieved them. Then when I switched back to my Gaige which also had both challenges complete it gave me a lv 1 of -1676890437 / 5000 for the world on fire and lv 1 of -643234261 / 5000 for slag-licked… Honestly its quite annoying… I really would like a patch that would stop this from happening since I can’t go between characters without it continuously doing this. Kind of an annoying glitch…

(Goldmoon128) #423

hi, i am playing borderlands 2 on ps4 and i had the game a while ago but i sold it and kept my saved data though, and i just bought it back from the psn store because it was on offer and i downloaded it overnight. The next day i checked if it was done but the download was interrupted so i just continued it, when it finished everything works but the problem is that none of the DLC maps are showing up, i can’t see them at the fast travel station, since the handsome collection has all the dlc included i am confused because all the dlc should be there, when i start the game with my level 72 salvador it says something like: “the game is missing some content, the game will start at the southern shelf” (claptraps place). so what should i do? re-download it?

(Goldmoon128) #424

HI, i literally have the same exact problem none of the serapoh weapons are in my inventory, have you fixed it??

(episode69) #425

bugs in 2 player split screen. Several times guns have been disappearing from 2nd player .
not a weapon switch because of full inventory because inventory wasnt full and there suddenly was an empty slot.

Another bug was that when fast travelling and arriving at destination 2nd player suddenly has to pay reconstruction fee
this was with full health and no enemies around when fast travel was initiated