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Bug with the Sanctuary sky. Yesterday I was playing in split-screen on the PS4 as Salvador. The sky is blue like it’s suppose to be. When I ran, the sky turned black with a blue outline. This has happened to me a few times on that same run. It’s really weird. It’s also not a big deal, but it’s kinda weird when the sky is black with white dots and a blue outline.

(James Herdon) #427

I’m having a huge problem playing online with a friend. Whenever we get online and he dies whether it is second wind or respawn he is unable to move at all! Including switching guns, he is only able to get into the menu! We want to continue playing but it’s much more fun together and this is ruining the fun of it! Please help us out (borderlands 2 PS4)

(Kevin Paige) #428

Alright so I just got a major bug. I started up a new game as Nisha in the Borderlands Handsome collection PS4 BL:TPS And once i entered the Red&Belly Area i opened up a chest and got the legendary that is supposed to be similar to the conference call from BL2. I was very excited since this is exceedingly rare to get out of chests so i beat the boss with that gun. I left the boss area and entered Concordia to talk to Jack. Once I entered Concordia THE GUN LEFT MY INVENTORY. THats pretty much it. Its not that big of a problem since legionaries aren’t that hard to come by anymore but wtf man.

(Cw 89) #429

I am trying to load my game and it wont let me select the pre-sequel from the game select menu

(Cw 89) #430

never mind, the controller i was using was stuck with a down right stick message for some reason

(NoobityBoobity) #431


All audio cuts out except my character’s voice sometimes when in multiplayer.

(Stovallsean32) #432

Me and my friend can’t connect to each other ever and audio cuts out

(DePadova) #433

I just recently got the Handsome Jack collection for PS4 (Physical Copy). Game is installed and updated. I played online to get any “hotfixes” and I still run into the following problem.

I keep finding that Janey (and I’m assuming other NPC’s) will talk but no sound plays for them. All other audio goes soft so I am suppose to hear her more clearly but nothing happens. I get subtitles but no audio. When it’s quest based or an echo however the audio for her is fine. It’s just when I go and talk to her manually. I have tried with TV speakers and my headset (Astro A40’s) and I get the same outcome. I turned down all other audio and left voice high and the same thing happens.

(Mrrobocrafter) #434

It won’t let me into hyperiouses room in the washroom

(LootHunter_twitch) #435

Badassasaurus not disappearing, no lootsplosion. A few items dropped as seen, but only 3-4.
PS4 - Level 72

(Kveldulf666) #436

Got a colour related glitch with the “lunar knight” head skin for Wilhelm. I haven’t found much about this topic on the whole web. Is this known? Am I part of a tiniy minoritie to get this bug? Please help.

Thanks in advance

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(Nekozombie0o) #440

I have a problem with the PS4 Boarderlands PS sometimes my inventory will just be cleaned out everything is gone I honestly don’t even want to play it now because stuff just disappears :frowning:

(In Vino Veritas) #441

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(Lawler197) #442

I need help. my map marker always points to the southern shelf. yes i already have the map warp to where i need to go but it still puts it there. help?


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(Meat *tricycle*) #444

Weird one where my shield stays depleted and won’t regen. It happens more often in multiplayer, but it happens in solo too. :no_mouth:

(Bradborovick95) #445

I just bought the game and im trying to play pretty sequel and I’ve been sitting here 20 minutes waiting for it to authenticate the gearbox software shift. what do I do

(Meat *tricycle*) #446

Yeah, I only get the good touch, wtf is the problem? I wish I could check her dialogue settings and figure it out :thinking:.