Reported to Microsoft for unfair play for using Rath and 3 legendaries

This was both funny and insulting. Did ok for running solo. I was 17 and 9 and I was using Rath’s legendary, Vow of Veangence, and Doomsday Key. They were Alani and went 3 and 7. I actually dropped a tier in rep lol. Why not just ask what I used? Geez, some people.

Ive been “reported” for using Mellka with health bonuses, stacking so hard she could tank Raths entire kit and her escape kept me out of Dreadwind. Said Rath wasnt very pleased and I got quite a few nasty messages on my Xbox now from him. But Im now aperantly a hacker

I got reported for being command rank 46 and dominating the ‘damage dealt’ numbers on a normal run. He mentioned that it “. . .is impossible to be THAT high of a level. . .” this early into the game and that I clearly hacked to get there. The game had already been out a week and there were people at command rank 60-70+. He didn’t know how to report me so he just cursed at me. I showed him how to report people on PSN and he got even more mad…