Reporting Cheaters?

When it comes to reporting Cheaters, do we just take care of that through VAC?

Pulled up this persons VAC and they have tons of VAC Bans but they’re still playing Battleborn…

“Sinistral” is the profile. /wicked_jester636 is the Steam Profile.

Please ban this person ASAP - They were aim-boting and ESP cheating.

What’s VAC? I have a couple of profiles I would like to report for cheating

You do understand this is a full blown dedicated server , so 99% time they all ready found the person out and hammer him or her, and the last 1% there just verifiy if it requires a console banned from sony and microsoft.

There not running the fake servers , like ea and other junk companies, but a true dedicated server like F2P MMOBA and MMORPG servers.

Uhuh, so I should not report players for cheating?

no i would report them , but , i believe , they do not even got a spot in there forums to report them , since , they can detect it fast.

They need a in game report so can just send them the game id, from the match as bug or cheat though. in game . and be awesome. One thing missing on this game , instead of coming to a forum . so that way they get all information.

You do understand that you can report someone from in game. However it’s to the Steam VAC Service (Steam Valve Anti-Cheat). My question was posed to whether or not if Battleborn had they own method of reporting Cheaters, or if VAC was the only (and preferred) method of reporting Cheaters.

No, I’m not from Gear Box @Sc32sc so I’m not privvy to how they’re running their servers; if it’s dedicated, leased, rented, sublette, smocked, fried or crispy.

I just can’t find anything on how to officially report a cheater so they can ban them in a timely manner. I’ll continue to report via VAC since that’s the only method available so far. Yes, you can do that in game… just right-click on the person and Visit their Profile, which pulls up their Steam Account and there you can Report them.

I’m watching a team of 150’s go undefeated on twitch. They continue to win games in less than 10 minutes and force many players to quit before the game is over. I tried to explain to them how they are exploiting match making but they don’t see it that way. To them ensurinf ever game is a win is just smart, not cheating. GBX check twitch to find exploiters, ruining your game.

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