Reporting Marquis snipe-cheater through Steam?

I have done a search, but nothing I could find matched this. I know Marquis sniping is a discussed issue, but I don’t see an answer to this particular question.

I want to know if it is worth reporting him through the options on the player’s Steam profile. I’m not going to name the guy, but if I click ‘more’ and then ‘report violation’ I can report him for cheating.

But will Valve do anything about him exploiting or will they say that’s up to Gearbox/2K? I have reported him through 2K support already.

I know it’s being fixed, but I won’t stand for it. I’ll do what I can to make sure he’s not in my games again. I think I know the answer…but I can only ask.

Evening Cherries supporter.

I moved you over to the PC support section as it heightens the chances of it being seen by those who specifically deal with this.

Best of luck to you and the Boscombe boys.

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Ok thanks, I wasn’t sure if it was a support issue or general question. Just ruined what was starting to be a good game to see our sentry go down in short time.

Special praise to you for recognising the mighty cherries. I was just wondering if anyone would know what club the badge was actually.

Buffon, right? Apologies if my Italian football knowledge fails me. Good keeper anyway.

Last bit of footy talk, as I don’t want to derail your thread.

Yeah, I saw opening day when they broke the record for having the smallest ground (as per seats) since the creation of the PL. So I was rooting for them. Stick to your colors my friend, who knows, few years time and the Cherries could go the way of Leicester.

(Also yes that is St. Buffon, the Holy Glove.)

I definitely would definitely report this VIA Steam as well, but I don’t know if anything could come of it.

For now, and in the future; that is the Helpdesk always good to put a ticket in there too.

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Ok thanks. May as well go through the Steam process. Can’t hurt.

Already done 2K support, so that may get passed to Gearbox anyway. Not sure much would come of it anyway…I trust Gearbox and a fix will be along soon.

Thanks again for all your help.

I can answer that for you- steam reports don’t work for games. They’re exclusively for the Steam PLATFORM.(client,forums,community)

Cheers mate. I really didn’t know what the best approach was for that.

Would you happen to have a solution for the OP?

Ok, thanks. I put one in but I didn’t really expect anything to come of it.

I had a reply back from 2K support. It just said that my feedback enabled Gearbox to work towards solving the problem…though that was something I knew they were already doing.

I guess nothing will come of the guy cheating, but it’s okay. My initial fury at the situation is over. Like I said, I believe in Gearbox to get the fix out as soon as possible, and I’ll just count my lucky stars that I’ve only had to face this exploit once.

I’ll just continue to enjoy Battleborn, and hope I never see that particular guy in game again. His name is forever etched in my memory. I don’t believe in naming and shaming on forums, but I can out him should he ever find himself in my team.

Thanks again guys.

And may Buffon have a great Euros…as long as he’s not facing England. :laughing:

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Glad it got resolved mate!

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I’d like to,but I sadly don’t. Good it’s progressing, but without an anti-cheat it doesn’t matter. On another note I’m no expert but as exploits might be considered an overlook on the developer side they aren’t really a case that could lead to a ban and could be strongly debated.

What I can offer as a part solution is to find the players profile in Steam,click the “more” options next to it and then “block all communication”. Doesn’t work for every game but it SHOULD work in BB form my experience- it prevents you and the person you blocked from being matched together on servers.

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I suppose I could try the ‘block all communication’ option, but the antagonistic part of me wants to end up on his team and tell him what I think. :smiling_imp:

I guess I should be satisfied that I’ve only experienced being beaten by this exploit the once.

Thanks for the suggestion, _Mojo. Much appreciated.

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